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Marcio Nascimento December 31st, 2007 11:38 AM

Sony HVR-V1 or Canon XH-A1
Hi! Today I have a Panasonic PVGS250 and record some weddings and birth days here in Brazil. So now, two years after I start to working with this, is the time to change my camera. Looking for a new camera, I decide to start to work with a HDV camera, and initially, I tought to buy a Canon HV20, that is the same lenght and size of my PVGS250. BUT... thinking in the possibility to work with some big events I think that something more professional is necessary. So comparing the cameras in my condition prices (from Canon HV20 until the HVR-Z1) I found Sony HVR-V1 or Canon XH-A1 that I listen good references. But, here I ask focusing my most important items:

1. Low-light capacity.
2. Slow motion quality (for exemple weddings kisses or highlight moments of the event)
3. 24(P or F) for film-like apearence. (Until yet I did´nt understand what is the best for me.
4. 60fps (because I want to capture fast scenes like soccer game)
5. Audio volume control
6. No problem of vertical smear when pass through a bright light (I think that in thi cae CMOS resolv this problem, but the A1 have this problem with it CCDs?)
7. Possibility to charge the battery out of the camera
8. I have the Vegas Movie Studio Platinum for the edition, so must be compatible with this software.

It´s strange, but the images in the internet appears be better in Canon HV20 than in both XH-A1 and HVR-V1...


Am I wrong?

I apologize if my question is a repetition of others.

If you think that I have to try other camera like HV20 or Z1 instead one of this that I mentioned, please, more opinions = more helps to choose!


Márcio Nascimento
MSN: marcioesamanta@hotmail.com
E-mail: contato@marcionascimento.com.br

Pat Reddy January 1st, 2008 12:37 PM

Hi Marcio, while I can't specifically answer most of your questions, I can tell you that the video from my XH-A1 shows more resolution or detail than my HV20. While the HV20 may be a viable option for serious work, the XH-A1 obviously has a much deeper range of manual controls and an incredibly good lens.

Frame modes (24F or 30F) on the XH-A1 are stunning, and although there is a slight drop in resolution in these modes, resolution is still very very good. I think that in many ways the V1 and A1 are equals, and the answer to the question which one is best for you will depend on personal preferences. The A1 weighs about 4.5 pounds and the V1 about 3.5. I think that the V1 viewfinder and LCD are larger and/or higher resolution than on the A1.

I tried the FX7 which is very similar to the V1 and liked its ergonomics better than my A1. I am getting used to the A1 though. Others will undoubtedly provide more information about the specific pros and cons of each, especially for your intended usage. You probably couldn't go wrong with either.



Marcio Nascimento January 1st, 2008 02:24 PM

Thanks Pat
Thanks for your answer
When pass through a high light, shows your A1 some vertical line?

Dave Eaton January 23rd, 2008 08:06 PM


Originally Posted by Marcio Nascimento (Post 800475)
It´s strange, but the images in the internet appears be better in Canon HV20 than in both XH-A1 and HVR-V1...


First, I don't own either camera, like both thought, so I can't answer your questions but I can comment on the videos you listed.

I wouldn't count the YouTube one as it's low resolution and not the same image size, etc. The vimeo 435166 one may be from a XH-A1 but the video itself wasn't uploaded in HD format. Roll your mouse over the video and notice that you don't see the "HD is on" icon you see in the HV20 video. Also, the lighting and subject matter of the two videos is drastically different and would be hard to compare.

Lots of XH-A1 and HV20 footage to see online just look for similar lighting conditions to compare -- skilled shooter with both would help, too.

Also, note that there's a LOT of extra features and controls on the XH-A1 than on the HV20. You could download a manual from all the cameras you're looking at to compare features, etc.

Kirk Graham January 24th, 2008 07:15 AM

Go to the xh a1 forum and check out the clips section, for referance.

check out what steven dempsey is doing with the A1 it will inspire you!

Tripp Woelfel February 13th, 2008 09:09 PM


Yours is the traditional "loaded question". Those like me will sing the praises of the XH A1 because we've spend several thousands of dollars in the cam and kit. You'll get the same responses from those with Sonys and other brands.

I would recommend that you rent any of the cams you're interested it and try them for a day or so to see if they work for you. You might want to download the manuals for these cams from the manufacturers' Web sites so you can familiarize yourself with them beforehand. I wish I could take credit for this advice, but others have said this before me.

But now, let me say that I am very pleased with what has come out of my A1 and it works for me. You can check out this video that I shot in a high contrast situation (snow). I was pleased with what poured out from the firewire connection.


Good luck in your search

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