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Ben Coughlan July 3rd, 2008 03:52 AM

HDV 1080i to DVCProHD720p50
I have a question. Usually my post work flow is shoot HDV on my Z1 and then transcode to DVCProHD720p. I nearly always use MpegStreamclip to do my batch transcodes.

What i was wondering is if it is possible to do a transcode where i go from HDV 1080i and deinterlace both fields, essentially giving me DVCProHD 720p50 at 50 fps. I have had a bit of a play using JES deinterlacer, and i can double the movie duration to get the nice slow motions that i want, but the real goal is to be able to transcode to DVCProHD 720p50 and then be able to import that into FCP and use the DVCPro framerate converter to get my slow motion that i want, just as if i had shot on an HVX. JES works well for getting me the slow motion, but i dont want to have to double the duration of every clip i have, then speed it up to 200% in FCP if i want it playing at normal speed.

On the few tests that i did i managed to get a clip that was origionaly HDV, into an FCP DVCProHD720p 50fps timeline, and in the properties say it was a 50fps clip, but was unable to use the frame rate converter to slow it down.

Any help here? I know Natress can turn fields to frames, but i dont want to be editing in an ineterlaced timeline. Would Natress work if i had a DVCProHD720 project, and imported the original HDV files to this also, and everytime i wanted a slow motion shot used the HDV clip on the timeline and turned the fields to frames?? Altho this would mean i have 2 sets of capture files, the HDV and the DVCProHD, meaning more Harddrive space.

Anyone know of a workflow that would work??

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