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Richard Cavell May 11th, 2012 09:11 PM

Accessories for HDR-PJ760VE
Hi. I'm looking online but can't find any clear guide as to accessories for these cameras. I'm looking for an onboard light, a tripod, maybe some kind of mounting system to attach it to a wheelchair, or a mini tripod with fluid movement...


Chris Soucy May 12th, 2012 12:29 AM

Re: Accessories for HDR-PJ760VE
Hi, Richard..............

If you are up fot it, I would suggest the following line of action in your quest.

It may seem a heck of a lot of buggering about, but I can't see how you will get the answers you need any other way.

Put lights in the lights section, camera support and attachments in the Support section, audio in the audio section etc etc etc.

I see you have made a start, but I think you need to more clearly draw the demarkation lines and post appropriately.

There are many people who only visit the Forum(s) of their speciality (s), and others, like myself, who are not disposed to answer camera support questions littered all over the Forums, for example..

[I could give you chapter and verse as to why, but life is most definitely too short)

I only found your post by sheer accident, having caught some of your others, so recognised the name.

If you would be so kind as to attach a link to the camera in question, so I have some idea of what I'm (er, you're) working with, it would be greatly appreciated.

The same goes for anything else you mention in a post, if you don't provide a link, people will just "walk on by".



Richard Cavell May 12th, 2012 02:19 AM

Re: Accessories for HDR-PJ760VE
Thanks for the advice.

This camera: HDR-PJ760VE : Flash / Memory Stick : Handycam Camcorder : Sony Australia

has an "Active Interface Shoe". It doesn't say what tripod mount it uses.

What I'd like to buy is:

ACCFV70 kit (includes a case and battery)
AC-VQV10 charger (for the original and new battery)
HVL-HL1 light
VCT60AV tripod

or some similar collection. But I don't know if they're compatible.

Chris Soucy May 12th, 2012 02:59 AM

Re: Accessories for HDR-PJ760VE
Thanks for the camera link, Richard, greatly appreciated.

I don't realy "do" dinky cams, as getting decent camera support for same is a lottery paved with tears, and at this stage of the game, utterly futile.

Our (CB Techniques) CB100 Counter Balance Correction System will be hitting the market soon, which will make life a lot easier for "dinky cam" operators, if you really want decent camera support for such a small camera.

Untill then, you're a bit stuffed, quite frankly, everything else is a "how much pain do you want............" situation.

The tripod mount will almost certainly be a standard 1/4" x 20 screw with a VHS pin, if it isn't, I'll be most suprised.

Without links to the kit advised I can't comment, but I suggest you thourghely investigate the Forums for correct advice on this one, as it looks like a Sony "buy in", which is never good.


Dave Blackhurst May 12th, 2012 02:24 PM

Re: Accessories for HDR-PJ760VE
Richard, all those items listed will be compatible.

The tripod is not that great (consumer big box store level stuff), I'd instead recommend the RMAV1 remote, attached to a better tripod, if you want the remote capability.

The light is a pretty dinky unit, and while it should power from the camera, don't expect it to do much - limited throw and will give you a hotspot if you're much over 4 ft, and be blinding to most "talent" if closer...

Elsewhere I suggested gtting the cheap AiShoe - cold shoe adapters and some of the smaller dimmable LED lights - about the smallest I've found so far is the CN-560 - runs on 3 AA batteries... but it's actually not bad, decent throw and dimmable as needed (goes low enough that even with sensitive eyes you can look into it), with a couple cheap filters that you may or may not find helpful.

I'm wishing for a small LED unit that would run off the same FV series batteries (you can get 'em, but in 126+ LED configs, which are big and somewhat clunky), and maybe 36 LEDS tops - I'm sure the Chinese will eventually make something like this, and a small "fill" light would be handier than the "stun gun" capable high # LED units!

Matt Sharp May 12th, 2012 04:21 PM

Re: Accessories for HDR-PJ760VE
Richard, skip that accessory kit and buy an FV100 battery and the bag of your choice separately. I have a collection of bags (a few Sony bags mixed in) and that bag doesn't hold much. Skip that HL1 light, and use this adapter to mount the light listed below (or any other self powered cold shoe mounting light): http://www.adorama.com/VDAISFLAT.html

The 60AV tripod is nice in that it can control a few of the cameras functions, but it's no good for panning or much movement especially if you extend it's neck. Very shaky. If the camera will be stationary it'll work fine, that's all I use mine for.

VQV10 charger, excellent, I have one. Charges in series and gives you total charge time and battery life time. Are you charging a lot of batteries? A simple little BC-TRV would be more cost effective if you're not. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/671751-REG/Sony_BCTRV_BC_TRV_Travel_Charger.html

Originally Posted by Dave Blackhurst (Post 1732955)
I'm wishing for a small LED unit that would run off the same FV series batteries (you can get 'em, but in 126+ LED configs, which are big and somewhat clunky), and maybe 36 LEDS tops

Dave I think you're talking about the Sony L and M series batteries. So far there's only 1 light that uses the V series batteries.


Dave Blackhurst May 13th, 2012 02:12 AM

Re: Accessories for HDR-PJ760VE
Matt -

Thanks for the link to the adapter - that's the one I was thinking of, I've got a similar eBay adapter (could even be the same one...) - works great to mount things, since the Sony shoe is non-standard!

There are a couple import Chinese designs that DO use the same small FP/FH/FV Handycam batteries - I've got a couple of them - CN-126, and YN-160 and I think there are some others. These are bigger lights, but have dimmers and work nicely with the Sony batteries if you've got 'em. The smaller FV series are much lighter than a "bank" of AA's. My "wish" light combines a smaller LED array, with a dimmer (most of the "small" lights somehow presume you won't need to "dim" them, and thuse can be blinding), and the simple prongs needed to fit the small FV size batteries. I'm surprised they aren't already being made, as the tech is already there, and simple enough they could knock 'em out "tomorrow", the way the China/HK suppliers work!

Also, if you can find the VQH charger, it's "last years model" (actuallly a couple years now), and it too is the same "double bay" charging design. I picked up a VQV, and there's no difference (according to the charger readouts) in charging time - about the only difference I can see is that the VQV gives a percentage readout while charging... Lightly used or like new VQH10's go for half or less than the VQV10, that's why I mention it. Again, there are easy ways to keep your budget WAY down with these Handycams! For the most part the accessories have been around for a while, and work across the model lines, so bargains are available once you know what you're looking for!

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