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Serge Sarfati July 18th, 2012 02:35 PM

what can i do with the sony Z5 "hdmi out" plug ?
I have been purchasing a Sony Z5 two years ago and usualy do my cuts with FCP 6.
For instance i am about to use the tape recorder device, mostly in Hdv gauge.
Everything works perfectly out of it but i am wandering if i should not better try to use some other ways to record my footages (the tape system looks weak, certainly much more than those used before on cameras like PD150 for exemple)
I have been earing the mrc1 card device, that has been developped for my camera, is about to wrap the files into some ".ft2" that doesn't fit with FCP6, what about it?.
Besides, I have been noticing the nice little "hdmi out" plug that is set at the back of my camera, so i would like to know if it is existing actually some device that could be recording the stream out into some worthy gauges.
thanks to reply

Bill Koehler July 19th, 2012 10:25 PM

Re: what can i do with the sony Z5 "hdmi out" plug ?
The MRC1 should wrap your footage into a m2t file, exactly the same as importing your footage from tape.
The advantage of using the MRC1 in addition to tape is:
1. Instant backup. The MRC1 or the tape drive can have a problem and you're still covered.
2. With a large enough CF card inserted into the MRC1, you leave the one hour limit of a tape cartridge behind.
3. The speed with which you can import your footage onto the computer becomes much, much faster than the real-time process of ingesting a tape.

But the bitstream/bitrate/codec being recorded to the MRC1 is exactly the same as what is being written to the tape.

The advantage of using the the HDMI of the camera while shooting is you are bypassing the onboard codec of the camera which can yield substantially better quality. The drawback is yet another box to attach to your rig. Only you can decide if the extra effort is worth the extra margin of quality.

Mark Kenfield July 20th, 2012 12:21 AM

Re: what can i do with the sony Z5 "hdmi out" plug ?
You may want to look into something like an Atomos Ninja or PIX220 recorder. We did a series of corporate interviews the other week with the Z5P outputting to ProRes on a PIX240 recorder. It gives you a drag and drop workflow on FCP6, so post-production becomes extremely fast and easy.

A ProRes recorder really breathes new life into an old FCP6 editing system. I'm editing higher-quality files in less time now, than I could with the same system when it was brand-new 5 years ago.

Highly recommended.

Serge Sarfati July 23rd, 2012 05:45 AM

Re: what can i do with the sony Z5 "hdmi out" plug ?
Thank, you for thoses very interesting answers.
i heard the "ft.2" files can't be captured on a FCP6. The file should be rewrapped into a new".mov" codec to be usable. Is that correct, have you, Bill, used the mrc1 footages with FCP6 without any particular operation?.
According Mark's advice, I will seek on internet more hints about Ninja and Pix devices that seem to be a very interesting way to enhance the production.
Thank you both again.

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