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Lambis Stratoudakis January 7th, 2004 10:12 AM

Some thoughts of a European buyer.
Many Europeans who want to order a camcorder from the U.S. or Asia sooner or later face the same problems.

a) Guarantee.
Most shops selling these cameras have a U.S. or 90 days guarantee. You can buy an additional mark guarantee which they claim to be an international guarantee, but what happens when something goes wrong? Do we have to send the camera back to the U.S. or can we leave it to an authorized camera in the country where we are?
There are some shops for example in Hong Kong which exchange domestic warranty card for an international one Thatís great!!

b) Payment.
In many European countries, like in Sweden where I happen to be, banc transfer is very inconvenient since the banc administrational fees are extremely high, and you meet a lot of obstacles until your money has reached the receiver. I speak of own experience. So payment by banc card (visa, AmEx etc) is least to say to prefer.

c) Grey market camcorders.
Naturally you will tell me to buy from our sponsors and of cause if the above wasnít an issue I would. It would be good if there were a list of ĒblacklistedĒ sellers (grey market sellers)
Everyone knows that Sony DV Cam models come with a 2 year silver support warranty (at least in Europe).
(Take a look att: www.creativevideo.co.uk/pdf/sony_silver-support.pdf )
So Iíve asked a company selling the cameras in England if they offer this support.
The answer they gave me was:
We are selling without silver support (not of great help if you read the small print!).
Are they grey market sellers?

One problem that I have: I want to order a camera from the U.S. Iíve got a friend over there who will visit me soon. Now, I would like to order the camcorder, make the payment from my visa card (so that I also will become the registered buyer) and have it delivered to my friend. But Iíve been told that from the B&H that itís not possible.

Anyway, any reaction on this theme? I hope that our sponsors will help their potential European buyers and simplify the selling/buying.

Regards Lambis

Rob Lohman January 7th, 2004 12:31 PM

I'm wondering why you would go through the hassle. In most
countries a local shop can be found that's not charging too much
(might require some searching though) and you a sure you can
see the shop, the people, the merchandise and know where to
go when something goes wrong.

ALSO, by default US camera's are NTSC ONLY and we are using
PAL here in Europe!!! Yes, some shops sell PAL camera's as well
but they are usually quite more expensive than their NTSC
counterparts because they most be imported and thus you can
usually buy a PAL camera cheaper in Europe.

If you really want to buy from the US and B&H specifically you
perhaps can just let your friend buy it and pay him when he
comes over?

Keep in mind that customs might check the package out though
and if they suspect he's bringing it for you to buy they will charge
extra taxes usually (at least here).

Lambis Stratoudakis January 7th, 2004 01:04 PM


If I could find a shop in Europe that is serious and have good prices of cource I would buy there BUT in Sweden it is too expensive-
Here some examples (PAL Models):

Swedish Price in US Dollars

SONY PD170 6560
SONY PDX10 4100
SONY VX2100 4700

B & H Prices in US Dollars

SONY PD170 3699
SONY PDX10 2549
SONY VX2100 2995

B & H Prices inklusive customs & Local Vat (25%) for Sweden

SONY PD170 4787
SONY PDX10 3299
SONY VX2100 3876

....can just let your friend buy it and pay him when he
comes over?

No becauce I whant to pay the Camcorder so that I also will become the registered buyer.


Michael Wisniewski January 9th, 2004 02:18 AM


Generally it doesn't matter who pays for the camcorder. Just fill out the registration card in your name and keep the receipt. Is it different in Europe?

If you're concerned that B&H Photo records your name with the purchase, contact them and ask if your friend can use your name/address for their records, when he purchases the item.


Ask them if you can pay for it over the phone/internet and then have your friend pick it up later.

Lambis Stratoudakis January 10th, 2004 11:24 AM

I think that payment is not the big problem. The big problem is

I want to get an international warranty. I am not intresting to get the best possible price. That is not so important as having
a customer service that works international.

I have read that Panasonic is comming with a international warranty.

Rob Lohman January 11th, 2004 08:59 AM

Then I don't understand why you are not just buying it in your
own country, if money is not an issue.

Lambis Stratoudakis January 11th, 2004 10:27 AM


I mean that if I have to pay 100-500 $ more that is not a problem but off cource if I have to pay 1000-2000 $ more then money IS a issue!!

Take for example the Sony PD170 PAL
Is Sweden you pay ca 6500 $
in the U.S.A. or Asia you pay ca 3300 - 3600 $
4200 - 4700 $ inklusive customs & Local Vat for Sweden

So still with customs & Local Vat for Sweden is 1900 - 2300 $


Rob Lohman January 12th, 2004 04:08 AM

Okay, that clears it up. I would just send B&H a detailed e-mail
of the hows and why's, or better yet phone them.

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