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Eric Bilodeau April 19th, 2005 07:20 AM


I find your analisis of the CF24 very interresting, the motion blur part especially. If the false 24 does induce a sense of double shutter speed, could we reduce shutter speed by 1/2? Make it look less juddery? My clients love the CF24 look and I don't blame them, on a SD monitor it really looks good (It may be the way I shoot?) but I have to agree with Shannon, what the clients like is the most important whenever I work for them. But I also do a lot of shorts and then, the technicalities are more important for me.

Graeme, what is your opinion about CF25 or CF30, does it look OK to you? I do have to regularly send stuff to Europe so 24 has been a good "intermediate" for me, easy to transfer in NTSC or PAL. Would CF25 be better? What problems would it induce when editing? Thinking about FCP5's hability to work with native HD.

Thanks buddy

Kurth Bousman April 22nd, 2005 02:45 PM

Shannon - I'm listening. My ears are alittle stopped up from a week shooting stills in the northern mexican desert but , you've got a mac man wanting to hear more of what your saying. Has anyone used all of the solutions and compared the results. The way I see this thread is a lack of consensual reality between both sides. There's got to be someone who's used Graemes' software, magicbullet, dvfilmaker, shot 24p with a dvx and , also seen Shannons' solution . Hey , the obvious candidate is probably on this thread. Graeme , I love to hear your comments on Shannons' solution but I'd love it more if there could be a real , side by side , projected comparison. Is there anyway an exchange of files could be arranged? I completely respect your judgement and would like to hear your professional opinion . Shannon , your system , again , please my man ? I've got 4 apples but I would be open to owning an orange or two , if they provided an advantage, ( esp if there's a notebook solution and a 1/3 priced version of vegas on ebay !!) thanks Kurth

Steven White April 22nd, 2005 03:03 PM

I think the only way this will be resolved is by people posting footage.

So how about it? Would anyone actually care to demonstrate or prove their points and let our eyes be the judge?

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