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Jenny London April 24th, 2010 09:04 PM

newbe advice using neoscenewith sony vegas pro9
If I get Cineform how easy is it and how do I use it with sony vegas I am new to video and editing!

Just literally got a new canon HFS10 and accessories so excited! Anway, I have also just started learning how to edit and I am using sony vegas 9 pro ( a few hours love it already…)

However, I'm VERY interested in buying cineform neo scene to convert my avchd files etc as I have heard so much via the forums its a lot easier and just less hassle and headaches etc once you use Cineform…

So that said before I purchase or get trial version of it I’d like to know how easy it is to convert the files i.e. the steps that one takes before I make my buying decision!

I really would most grateful guys if someone can post the simple step-by step process one would do once you open the cineform neoscene and how you specifically go about to convert the files on say your memory card or on the camera etc….

Then of course Most important...HOW it works in relation to getting the files from neoscene into vegas pro 9, it would be much appreciated!

many thanks and blessings to you all- Jenny

Bruce Phung April 25th, 2010 07:35 AM

It easy, here is the step by step from the Videoguys.

Videoguys Blog - How to make a Blu-Ray DVD using CineForm NEO Scene and Adobe Premiere CS4 (Windows version).

Jenny London April 25th, 2010 12:18 PM

thanks Bruce quick question capturing video using cineform
Hi Bruce

yes that looks nice and straightforward enough-thanks for info.

I presume have you used cineform then yourself?

I was wondering how you tell it to a) get the footage video info from off your camera internal memory mine being the canon HFS10 ....not the HV series

( I Know how to do this in sony vegas but not via cineform first etc)

or B)
if you had the video footgae itsellf on a memory card ?

I am a newbie at all this bare with me!

Am I right in saying that sony vegas comes into the mix..... i.e. that once you have the new created files made by cineform you then simply open up sony vegas itself locate the folder where the new avi cineform files are and just simply drop them into your sony vegas time line etc and create and start your prjoect from there?

look forward to your reply or others on this clarification

Chris Barcellos April 25th, 2010 01:13 PM

I offload my footage raw to my computer harddrive, and then convert it using Neo. I will create a separate subdirectory for the converted footage. NeoScene converts it to an .avi file with same name except for the .avi extension. Once I have converted, I will bring the converted footage into Vegas using and edit from there. Once I have completed project, and want to condense space on the drive or for transfer to another storage drive, I will save the project to that directory, then delete the cineform files, because if I want to rerender the files I did use in Cineform again, I can do that. And the original footage stays in its original format.

Jenny London April 25th, 2010 01:37 PM

very helpfull work flow many thanks storage quick question
Chris good of you to post your work flow to me

many thanks as all this is so new thanks for your patience in helping me work this out and what to specifically do every tip helps and takes off hours of figuring it all out!

by the way when getting the footage etc from off your camera what would you say is the best way to consider storage wise at the time and doing this and work flow?

for example: perhaps create the folders and store at first all such raw footage from the memory cards or camera itself and indeed their new conversion neroscene files to an external drive rather then ones hard drive itself ?

I ask as I would have thought very quickly the internal hard drive on your pc/laptop (what with other files as well)..... if your not careful can very soon become full with the typicall file size of high def video....

thanks Jenny

Chris Barcellos April 25th, 2010 01:44 PM

Well I have several drive aboard. I use one drive to edit off of, tranferring files from camera to it, and converting on that same drive in the same folder, to a subdirectory I create before conversion. Then when project is done, and no more need for anything for client, I reduce folder size, and send it to another drive I have on my Vantec NexStar Hard drive Dock. This is what I use for storage. For real critical back up, some store to two or more drives, even saving before project starts to the back up drive in case a crash does occur.

Rainer Listing April 25th, 2010 07:03 PM

Jenny, you do realise I suppose, depending on what computer you have, that you might not get any benefit from Neoscene? That Vegas 8 and 9 can run and edit AVCHD from your HFS10 just by dropping the footage onto the timeline? Especially if you are just working in PAL? That if you have a slow computer there are other ways of handling AVCHD?

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