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Nate Haustein May 17th, 2013 05:53 PM

Convert 24p to 60i MXF
So I'm about to start work on a documentary set for DVD/BD and some (local) PBS television distribution and I'm trying to do some research on providing the correct file format for the broadcaster. I'm planning on shooting in 24p and editing in Final Cut Pro X, that way I'll have a native 24p master file. The question is, what's the best way to get that ProRes file into an interlaced MXF file?

I've tried Compressor and it seems to add the 3:2 pulldown (3 normal frames then 2 "interlaced" frames) However, it's still a .mov file. I need to get to either:

DNxHD 145 or XDcam 422 MPEG-2 Long Gop @ 50 Mbps
29.97 fps

Both need "MXF OP1a" as a file container. I guess I'm just not sure what application can do that for me, or which format is the better choice for that matter. I do have a Hyperdeck Shuttle - would that work taking the signal in the SDI and recording to a SSD? Should I convert to interlaced before or after the MXF creation? There must be a better software solution? Help?

Doing my best to think of as much as possible before the fact. This isn't for a national broadcast, but I'd still like to be fully up to spec and to treat this as a learning experience.

Roy Feldman May 24th, 2013 12:21 AM

Re: Convert 24p to 60i MXF
If you haven't started yet consider using 30p, I shoot for PBS and any 24p stuff they have to convert to 30.
I have given them Mov. DNxHD, but lately the're pretty happy with XDCAM HD422 MXF. It's about the only thing that works (for me) seamlessly in Premiere, Vegas, AE and Lightworks and is accepted by my editor. For the project (national) I'm working on here is the spec sheet:
Please shoot in 29.97 only
If you end up accidentally shooting in 23.98, do not try to convert it.* Edit and export in native 23.98 and we will do the conversion here with hardware.
Peak your audio at -12dB.*
Be mindful of your audio edits and transitions and make sure there are no hard cuts.
Please cut in and out of your segments (no fades).
We will take mixed audio, but ideally we would like the following assignments:*
Keep VO, Primary interview audio, and nat sound on channels 1 and 2
Keep music on channels 3 and 4
The following only applies if you are sending us your XML and footage:
Only standard dissolves or cuts for transitions
Please leave color correcting for us
No filters should be used on any footage
When exporting:
If you can export as DVCProHD, then please do so.* If you can only export via the Avid codec (DNxHD or otherwise), then go ahead and do that.
Export 4 discreet audio channels, with the assignments as listed above.*
If we are getting an XML from you, then in addition to all of your footage, we will also need music tracks and any graphic files or additional assets used in the edit.* All of this will have to be put on an external hard drive.

They don't want interlaced footage

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