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Jim Fields March 16th, 2007 11:24 PM

Mac to Linux, Linux NLE that is similar, but better than FCP?
I run Mac right now. I use FCP to edit all day, every day, it is how I make my money.
However, though I am fairly good with FCP, I am tired of the same redundant brick walls i hit when I need to do something, like clean up footage that was shot to dark, better color correction, stronger filters, more options as far as built in software like Motion, Soundtrack, and most of all, not a major system hog.

Dont get me wrong, FCP is nice, but now I want to move on, to stronger software, to applications that I can do all in one spot, better color correction, the ability to clean up my footage if I managed to shoot it a little dark ( I shoot high end weddings in HDV, sometimes I cant use a light) Just stuff that I would expect from FCP, but it does not deliver without some over priced filter set.

What are my options, I refuse, just refuse to have a windows machine in my office or my home.

Theodore McNeil April 9th, 2007 01:44 PM

Mate, here are your options: Plug ins or New Software. I recommend plug ins, because (while it never hurts to diversify) they build on what you all ready have and it's cheaper.

Here is a quickee drag and drop plug-in (It's FREE!) that fixes footage that may fix something that looks a little to dark.


If you like it go back and buy something from them. Do a search. There are some amazing plug-ins for FCP that address the things you're talking about.

Or Demo something else...

But, I hate to break it to ya, but there aren't many "built in" things better than Soundtrack and Motion. Are there stronger and better programs than Motion and Soundtrack? Yes. Are there better "comes in the box with the NLE" programs? Very few. And they're spread out over many different NLEs.

Try AVID. It's is a bit more high end then FCP but it has a steeper learning curve.

Premiere is going to be out for Mac soon - download the demo. Maybe you'll like it better.

Good luck.

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