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James Emory April 11th, 2004 07:44 PM

XL-1/Jib used for medical center ID Launch shoot
Below is an identity launch video that I provided production for using a jib with remote head for camera systems 15 lbs and below. The person in the still pictures was my assistant and is a fellow shooter Gregg Therieau who brought you Gladiator School. The shots to look for in the video are the jib shots of the ambulance. An ad agency produced the finished product.

Video Link:

Production Stills: Resize images for full resolution

John Steele March 19th, 2006 04:47 PM

Hi James,

Sorry for bringing such an old thread back to life but I've got a couple of questions regarding the jimmy jib lite. I'm thinking of buying one of these later in the year and wondered what you think of it? Is the 15lbs camera limit a limit of the head or the jib itself? and is the 15lb limit only at 18ft length? I also saw on another thread that you have a stronger head on yours now, what head are you using? is the standard lite head any good? Do you know how it would compare to the varizoom head which is another option I'm looking at instead of buying the whole jib. How fast is the head, how quickly will it do a 360?

Sorry for all the questions think that's it for now. :D Thanks James.


James Emory June 8th, 2007 04:52 PM

The Jib Lite's weight limit was increased to 20 lbs with the new head. The new head is made by Stanton just for this jib. I don't think they even ship the Jib Lite system with the older head anymore. It doesn't matter what length you use with the 15 lb or 20 lb capacity heads. I don't know if the weight limit is for the arm, head or the whole thing as a unit. You might want to call Jim Stanton, JimmyJib himself, and speak to him for specifics. He's good about answering questions. I've seen a loaded Varicam on a Jib Lite but I wouldn't risk that. The new head is longer so it can now fly full size Betacam, DVCam, DVC Pro, etc. as long as they are stripped down to 20 lbs. The new head also allows for these larger cameras to perform a full vertical tilt because of the extra length. I don't know anything about the Varizoom head so I can't give a comparison. But, I would keep everything OEM for the best performance. The Jib Lite system can perform a 360 as slow or fast as you want and do it perfectly smooth and quiet! It uses the same electronics and motors as the larger Triangle system. You can see the latest pictures of the head and jib here.

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