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Jay P. Kaley March 20th, 2017 02:05 PM

LS300 video- St Patrick's Parade
Took my LS300 out for a first time run-n-gun test at the St. Patty's parade. This is the first time I've shot all J-log and planned on using grading so I wanted to post some video for some feedback if anyone feels like it.

I'm getting more comfortable with shooting J-log but it does feel odd "overexposing", getting used to the waveform to edit, not as comfortable messing around with the color correcting and knowing why certain changes affect the R,G.B colors like they do. For now I'm just trying to balance them while I figure it out.

Any constructive criticism on the grading specifically or anything else is appreciated, first time out in the wild.

Luke Miller March 22nd, 2017 08:09 AM

Re: LS300 video- St Patrick's Parade
Nice job. I think the color grading looks good for a cloudy day. Love the low angle footage. Is the high angle footage from a drone?

Jay P. Kaley March 22nd, 2017 01:31 PM

Re: LS300 video- St Patrick's Parade
Thanks for taking time to watch and comment I appreciate it. Yep the aerials are from my phantom pro 3. I launched a little early and ended up running low on battery or I was going to get the shot of the parade turning the corner from the air too I though that would have looked cool. It wasn't a paying job just a test run, that's why it ends a bit abruptly too.

On the whole I don't think I achieved that "non-video" look I was after with a larger sensor. It feels a little flat or something, and that did have something to to do with the light, it was overcast dull gray but I still don't feel like I got the best images out of the camera.

I'm following the settings that came with the Leeming LUT, shoot ETTR and stay just under zebra setting at 108. When I import my clips before any LUTS or anything is changed, the waveform scope shows the whites at about 108 and the blacks come in at about 25. I don't know if that blacks should be lower in camera, I pull them down in grading but not sure if I should actually be shooting them in camera a little lower.

/An odd thing I mentioned in another thread- when I add the LUT Utility, the whites clip down like 10% with a hard line. Not the LUT, just the Utility to load it. I don't know if that affects anything, but that hard highlight clip line seems odd given how important the numbers on the waveform seem to be.

Mark Pleasant March 22nd, 2017 04:59 PM

Re: LS300 video- St Patrick's Parade
Very cool Jay. I bouncing back and forth between this camera and the soon to be released GH5. Hard to decide till I can see more of the GH5 to compare to.

By the way this is my hometown. I'm in Nashville now but it's great to see the old stomping-grounds!!

Jay P. Kaley March 22nd, 2017 06:17 PM

Re: LS300 video- St Patrick's Parade
A fellow 'Noogan, small world. Thanks for having a look Mark, The Noog is my hometown too, I moved away for awhile and returned, it's changed so much for the better since I was a kid here, great little city.

I'd compare to the GH4/GH5 for you but I never used the DSLR form, arrived at the LS300 from 2/3" shoulder-mount ENG land so things like gain and white balance switches and ND filters seemed a given but I came to realize that's not the case. That style made me rely far too much on automated exposure settings, but I'm catching up on that and getting more in tune with the process of interchangeable primes, log shooting and grading and so forth.

That is a fun/tough decision you have buying a new camera, enjoy the process and if I can answer any questions for you on being a new LS300 user I will. Far from expert but I'm getting more familiar with it all the time and can speak 'DSLR-ese' a little better now too.

Mark Pleasant March 22nd, 2017 08:43 PM

Re: LS300 video- St Patrick's Parade
Thanks Jay.
Yeah I'm an old geezer, came to Nashville for college in 1969 and after that started a small production company. Worked in 16mm and then video. Things are slowing a bit but still love the biz, mostly corporate work now. Started using a GH3 a few years back and have been pretty happy with it. Didn't think the GH4 was quite ready but I'm eyeing the GH5, as I said. The thing is I have lenses all ready for the LS so that bit gives me pause about my choice...we'll see.

Jay P. Kaley March 23rd, 2017 08:05 AM

Re: LS300 video- St Patrick's Parade
Haha I'm a little behind you there but feels like I'm catching up fast, headed out for college in Knoxville in '88, shot coaches video for the football team and spent the 90s shooting local TV ENG.

The ability to use all the lenses along with the VSM and a super35 sensor is a cool feature on the LS300. I don't know why the camera makers add some specs they do, but it seems like the GH5 would use the same s35/m43 lens combo, doesn't seem to be any downside other than cost I guess.

Being used to the Gh3 is a big plus too, either way you'll be in great shape, have fun with it.

Jay P. Kaley March 23rd, 2017 09:43 AM

Re: LS300 video- Bakery Submission
EDIT: (video moved to LUTs thread)

John Vincent March 26th, 2017 02:02 PM

Re: LS300 video- St Patrick's Parade
I thought footage looked good - very cinematic. European-esque....

I hate the form factor of DSLRs, so I have been looking at the LS300 for some time. I picked up a Sony A6300, which makes pretty pictures but is a nightmare to use.

Think I'll wait to after NAB to see if a) there is a new wunder-cam I can't say no to, or b) if the LS300 drops even lower in price.

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