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Drew Cusick August 10th, 2008 03:19 AM

Wrong cavision rods? or wrong plate?
Hi guys.

Well I recently purchased some Cavision rods and a plate for my JVC 200.

I bought this, in 25cm length, from Adorama because B&H was not in stock and Im impatient...


which I assumed was the same as this (which coincidentally is now in stock...):


to go with this plate:


Well, now that I have them in front of me, I cant put them together! There isnt any way for me to screw them together, the screws it came with wouldnt even be long enough.

So I figure that I got either a wrong plate or the wrong rods but I cant figure out which.

Does anyone know what I am doing, or which part I have, that is wrong? Would the rods from B&H that I linked to work with the plate that I have?

Thanks for any help.


Manuel Correa August 10th, 2008 04:54 AM

Wrong cavision rods? or wrong plate?
Hi Drew

OK! You are missing what Cavision calls a "Rods Balance Bracket" which clamps around the rods and has a standard mounting screw on it to mount the camera.

You may be able to purchase this as a separate item. Because of the camera you are trying to mount, it is possible you may also need a riser for clearance issues, I'm not sure.

You should look at something like the RS-15II or RBCP. The part in the middle is what you need. The little bracket that came with the rods at the rear looks like the part that sits in front of the balance bracket.

Also, does this camera require a Tripod Adapter Plate to mount the camera to a tripod? I believe the "rods system plate" you have is meant to integrate into that tripod adapter plate.

Check into this and let us know how you make out, OK!

P.S. I've had my eye on that camera for some time, and I would really like to get one. Do you like it? Have you had any problems with it? If you had the chance to purchase again, would you still consider it?

Best regards

Drew Cusick August 10th, 2008 08:59 AM

Thanks for the info, Manuel.

So was that part supposed to be included with the rods? I find it very strange that none of the items mentioned that an additional part was needed separately to complete the system.

The camera doesn't need a tripod adapter plate, it comes with a shoe mount for the larger tripod base, which must be purchased separately if you dont already own one.

The reason I got this Cavision plate is because it integrates into the system without making anything taller - so I can have the rods on all the time but still be able to use the shoe mount without raising the camera off of the larger tripod base plate.

As far as the camera goes, I actually got it not too long ago so my first impressions are still forming. The camera itself is very nice. The stock lens and battery/battery charger...not as much.

Thanks again.

Shaun Roemich August 10th, 2008 09:48 AM

Hey Drew, can't help with the Cavision issue but I'm curious about the battery and charger dissatisfaction. I got my 200 with he Anton Bauer Tandem charger and a Dionic 90 and I've recently purchased a second Dionic. I LOVE the system, especially after having used Sony BP-L series batteries on a DSR300 for years. Curious which battery/charger you have and what issues you are facing. If you have the Digi Trim Pack, you're not going to get much life out of it. Invest in the Dionic. You'll be impressed.

Drew Cusick August 10th, 2008 10:45 AM


Originally Posted by Shaun Roemich (Post 918839)
If you have the Digi Trim Pack, you're not going to get much life out of it. Invest in the Dionic. You'll be impressed.

Thats pretty much my issue, haha. I will definitely be purchasing some other batteries in the near future.

I also managed to connect the rods to the plate using some nuts and screws from around the house, and a metal strip with holes cut into is as a washer of some sort. Obviously not ideal, but it feels really solid.

Drew Cusick August 10th, 2008 02:40 PM

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Oh my goodness I am stupid... so this picture shows how they fit together...

I was totally trying to put the plate on the wrong side of the rod support base...

Well, problem solved I suppose.


Nope, nevermind. None of the allen screws provided fit...so Im back to improvising.

Double Edit***

Nope...I am stupid. The plate I have apparently has the screws go up from the bottom, unlike the one in the picture.

Tim Dashwood August 10th, 2008 04:52 PM

3 Attachment(s)
I'm not sure if this will help give you any clues to the proper configuration but here are some closeups of my setup.

Drew Cusick August 10th, 2008 06:07 PM

Yeah I figured it out. All the pictures I had seen had the allen screws coming down from the top. But for some reason, my plate has the groove on the bottom - so the screws come up from the bottom. I just didnt look hard enough at first.

Thanks for all the help.

Manuel Correa August 10th, 2008 06:47 PM

Wrong cavision rods? or wrong plate?
Alright Drew!

Glad you were able to come up with the solution. I have the Cavision system as well and I am very pleased with it.

The balance plate is not a part included with the item you ordered, but you may not need it.

I started to wonder, doesn't that plate you have actually screw onto that rear bracket that came with the rods. I believe this is the way it is mounted.

But, I see you figured it out and another member has chimed in. Great! ! That is what DVInfo is all about, people helping others!

Hope you get many good years of use from that camera. As for that battery, I guess they are not lasting as long as they should? I do see people with that style of camera and ENG folks all seem to use the Anton Bauer setup. Wow, those things cost a pretty penny! But figure if so many ENG folks are using them, they must be pretty good and reliable. You get what you pay for as the saying goes.

OK! Wish you all the best Drew. Happy shooting! That is video shooting!

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