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Stephen Knapp June 22nd, 2006 06:42 PM

Another newbie comin' atch'ya
I just dawned on me that the reason my questions and comments might be getting such a cool reception is that I never properly introduced myself. So, in the hopes of opening things up, here goes. Not much to tell really.

I come before you pretty much empty handed but with a great desire to learn. I bought my first video gear ever this past November, my first HiDef camera in January (FX1), and my GY-HD100U in late February. I have been shelling out more than I can really afford for studio and editing gear, but less than is required for the quality of work quite a few of you are used to and expect. Nonetheless, my hope is to put together a simple studio that will let me do DVD based instruction in Bible and Ancient Near Eastern History (which has been my primary career). I'm more of a teacher than a story teller, but one who appreciates that story telling contributes much to the teaching task. I want to see if I can develop something original, don't ask me what. I have been doing still photography and slide shows since 1973, so the idea of a photo essay and graphic illustration of an idea through a sequence of images is not new to me, and that gives me a place to stand in this new venture. But the technical differences between film and video are so huge it takes some getting used to, and cine is so much more than a sequence of stills, that the limits of my previous experience are quickly exceeded.

I hope that gives you some sense of why I would seek to hang around this online community. I signed on for it in April, while my new camera was still down for the count (A-upgrade), but lurked until just recently. I came because I have questions that need answers. I don't have time to look up all the answers myself, and I have no mentor to guide me in determining which are best for me to work out on my own and which should simply be asked of others. Some of the questions I have asked here have been given answers - answers that are so simple and even self evident to one with experience I am almost ashamed for having asked. Others have just been ignored. I hope that will eventually change. I already know that the structure of DV Info Net is such that not everything I want to ask or discuss is right for this JVC centered subgroup. I just don't know my way around quite yet. I'm working on it. I'm also working toward the time when I might have some nice footage to show you - but for now, think of me as an appreciatinve audience, yet one capable of critical (analytical) thought.


Jonathan Ames June 22nd, 2006 07:41 PM

Boy, I have to admit I don't recall ever seeing your questions. I'll look back but one of the things this area of the board prides itself on is answering people's questions or, at the very least, addressing them and saying, "I don't know but go [here]". We never ignore anyone irrespective of whether or not you've "properly introduced yourself". This board doesn't really do introductions. It's like a family at Thanksgiving with a big brood. Just grab a chair and belly up to the turkey. It's all here for you and thanks for makin' a ruckus.

Warren Shultz June 23rd, 2006 11:49 AM

You may have inadvertantly asked something no one knows!

I think your area of study sounds very interesting. You have a web site that talks about it?

Stephen Knapp June 24th, 2006 12:44 PM


Originally Posted by Warren Shultz
You may have inadvertantly asked something no one knows!

I think your area of study sounds very interesting. You have a web site that talks about it?

Yeah, and I'm also finding out that DV Info Net has a lot of little boxes for the same basic question. Some questions fit certain boxes better than others.

I appreciate your asking about a website, Warren. Unfortunately I have not developed a site for ANE or Bible, since most images I might display do not belong to me. I have some stuff up on ancient coins, but it's not at all video related I'm afraid - I'm just getting into it. However, in May I did a shoot about a coin show near Chicago that especially features ancient coins. That is being developed into a DVD, and there is an online agent who may want to stream some of it. Right now he isn't quite set up for that, and the footage isn't ready either.

Thanks for your comments.

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