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Craig Donaldson August 10th, 2006 01:16 AM

loading scene files to other cameras
Iv'e been using Paolos Panamatch setting with fantastic results. Great colours and amazing glowing skin tones. Love that look for my shooting......thanks mate!
My issues began yesterday on a shoot where i tried to load the panamatch scene file onto a second camera. It read the card no worries, but i had a lot of trouble matching white balances. My camera seemed perfect , shaded daylight and i was happy with the colour 6500k, but not for the life of me, could i get the second camera to balance anything but 8000k. Additionally the image on the LCD was way greener than my perfect colours!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why is it so?!
Both cameras were next to each other with the same loaded set up , same ND filter, same f-stop, same lens length, same white switch (a). Everything the same........ i even looked at the lcd levels in the menu bla bla bla....

Eventually i got the second camera to balance 6500k by shining a bit of tungsten on my soundos white card. But fug me , what a fug around.....
I know every cameras different but i was always under the belief that a matched camera is a matched camera and should look the same in the vf/lcd whilst shooting as they do in post?!?!?!?!?!

By the way..... when it was loaded into fcp, both cameras did look good. But still very disconcerting to have to be worried about that sort of stuff in front of a client....i guess if i had done it before i wouldnt have been so worried but these days are full of firsts when you're using new technology in the field......

Anyone got an idea about the 8000k issue?

Paolo Ciccone August 10th, 2006 08:12 AM

Hey Craig. Panamatch is by Stephen, if I remember well. For WB you can try to use the presets or be sure that both cameras don't use the ND filters. I had similar troubles in the past and it was caused by the ND filter being used on one camera instead of the other or by a slightly different exposure.

Craig Donaldson August 10th, 2006 08:21 AM

Sorry, apologies to Stephen! Thanks to both of you for all your tech help and scene files anyway....

I tried to make all settings on both cams identical. Iv'e come to the conclusion tey were made by different robots.

Any ideas on the camera being obsessed with 8000k? I was getting daylight balances under tungsten light.

If it was my camera i would return it but it's gone back to it's owner now. I'm just curious...........

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