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Erik Norgaard September 24th, 2008 09:42 AM

Monopod and tilting head
Sorry for yet another post on almost the same... I have been looking through the other threads without finding the advice I need.

I am looking at a monopod for use with my Canon XHA1. I have read through the 561B thread, but I am currently looking at the Manfrotto 557B/559B, the 560-series has been discarded because I want something fast(er) to rig, run'n'gun shooting, and outdoor where the tri-toe foot can be a problem.

Some questions:

- Can I mount a (any) head on the Manfrotto monopods?
- Can I change the foot? (eg. to a spike)

As I can see, all "video" monopods, except 561B, come with a QR plate, 560B does appear to have a tilt head, but the others don't show. And the foot does only allow tilting in one direction.

Secondly, it worries me that these are rather low, 164cm maximum, the head can add another 7, but still low. Or am I wrong to think that a monopod should reach eyeheight? Surely, Manfrotto must have thought this through.

Last, I'd like to use the same monopod for photography also, so I have been looking at the "photo" monopods which are designed for mounting a head and allow changing the foot. And they are even lighter and sturdier. Any experience using one of these? Any option for easy switch between photo head and video head?

Thanks, Erik

Harold Schreiber September 24th, 2008 04:33 PM

Hi Eric,

Yes - to putting on Video Heads.

Yes - to changing the foot - likely by DIY.

I have a Manfrotto 3218 unit, and with my DIY Tilt head, it puts the Bottom of the Cam up to 67". Eye level for me at 6' 4".

Check my posts in the Monohead thread - or just do a search for my posts for Pics of my setup.


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