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Darrell Sullivan August 23rd, 2003 05:50 PM

Weighted Stick Technique
I read a post that indicated that a weighted stick with proper technique would be better than a gimbaled device by an inexperienced person. Since I am interested in being able to get some decent non shaky, non rocking shots at weddings I thought I would try making my own "weighted stick" by sticking some weights on the bottom of a monopod. Unfortunately my results have not been any where near what I would like.

Can anyone lend some tips on how to work with a "weighted" stick?

I am using a VX2000 and a Bogen 3249 tripod. I have tried weights of 2.5 and 5lbs on the monopod. The shakiness of handholding has diminished but I am still getting too much rocking motion. Most of the rocking is front to back and still a noticeable amount side to side.

Is there some particular technique to use? I have tried just holding the monopod with my index finger and thumb wrapped around it as loosely as I could and still hold to it. This minimized the hand shaking the most, but the rocking was more noticeable. I also tried with my whole hand wrapped tightly around it which minimized decreased the amount of rocking but increased the shake.

Should I give up on this idea and just try buying a Glidecam 2000 (I think that would be the right model since the VX2000 weighs about 3lbs and one once and the addition of microphone or radio receiver would get it in the 4-5 range)

Thanks for the input

Dean Harrington August 24th, 2003 04:26 AM

buy the glide cam....
I've been using a weighted mono-pod with a leged tripod at the base and it works fine as a replacement for a proper tripod in a crowd but I've had little luck using it as a stablizer.

Matt Gettemeier August 29th, 2003 07:20 AM

I'll have to experiment with a heavier cam, but you might be using too much weight on the bottom... basically what you want to do with the monopod/weight stick is simply get the center of gravity off the camera...

If you're using a monopod try it at a shorter length and maybe with less weight. You want the center of gravity to be close to your hand/grip. If you have the pod too far extended then it will want to swing around.

You'll have to accept the fact that it's not going to look like a dolly, but you should be able to get a fairly solid shot without rocking.

When I first started experimenting with this system I initially used too much weight. With a 2lb camera the couterweight seemed best around 1 to 1.5lbs... use the half pound weights to dial it in. Some of the counterbalance will be provided by the monopod extension itself.

Good Luck.

Matt Gettemeier August 30th, 2003 01:26 PM

After my previous reply I've tried quite a bit to get good shots with a weighted monopod/dvx and it's 10x harder then it was to get good results with a cheap trv17/monopod. So much so that I'm glad I didn't get rid of the trv17... it will actually still get used anytime I need a dolly shot without a dolly.

Good luck with the vx2000. I'll be surprised if you can get the results you want with only a weighted monopod. I'm a pretty big guy (200lbs) and it was super hard to get stable shots with a dvx/weighted pod.

James Bylewski August 31st, 2003 10:50 AM

steady shoots/monopod
Guys this is our biggest problem.I am looking for a new support too.I now use a mon pod but it restricts movement also.How about the DVcaddie has nayone used this device yet,it looks great.Or the varizoom shoulder mount? I need help now.Someone that has used both supports wold be the bomb,but i'll take some advice from anyone thats useing either of these supports.

Dean Harrington August 31st, 2003 08:19 PM

I'm thinking about....
The Marzpack. I think for the money, it's the best solution all around.

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