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Michael Armao December 26th, 2012 01:35 PM

manfrotto mono pods
I have a sony pmwex1r and would like to buy a manfrotto 561bhdv-1 mono pod but fear it might be to heavy for it. My question is if i was to buy the manfrotto 562b mono pod rated at 17 lbs and buy a manfrotto 501 head would i be able to put that head on that pod?

Mike Beckett December 27th, 2012 02:21 AM

Re: manfrotto mono pods

The 562b seems to be the same basic monopod "stick with feet" as the 561 series, which I have. The difference is the 562b comes with a MN577-type mounting plate assembly, whereas the 561 comes with a 701HDV head.

I have the 561 monpod. I removed the supplied 701HDV head (which is, as we say, "wick") and screwed on my 501HDV head. There's no problems at all with that. I use a Sony NX70, which is a bit smaller than your EX1R.

It should be fine though, just don't expect rock-solid tripod style shots, it's only one leg - not three!

One thought... if you could find the 560 monopod, it should be even cheaper (it has a much more basic mounting head on it). You're probably throwing the supplied head away to fit your 501 head on it. Or you might decide that the extra plate assembly off the 562 is a useful thing to have, it's only $20 or so more.

Michael Armao December 27th, 2012 09:38 AM

Re: manfrotto mono pods
Mike thanks for your response,

I just got off the phone with B & H Photo and told the sales rep that I would like to get the manfrotto 562b monopod and a 501 head and he stated to me that he dont think that would work because the torque of the pan would be to great for the mono pod. He stated that I would have to hold the pod real tight when panning. I told him if that was the case wont the mono pod pan just right above the feet... whats you thoughts.



Mike Beckett December 27th, 2012 10:49 AM

Re: manfrotto mono pods
My 501HDV allows me to pan... and yes, you do need to hold the monopod tightly, but then it's not a tripod!

The Manfrotto 561 monopod comes with a 701HDV head, without pan facility - you have to use the bearing in the base of the monopod. The 562 comes with a simple plate - no pan handle, and you have to use the bearing in the base again if you want to pan.

At least the 501HDV allows me to pan with the head if I concentrate, pan with the base if I'm in a hurry. It also gives me a good tilt, and is much better support for a larger cam than the puny 701HDV head (I really thought the pan handle on that would snap!).

With the 501HDV head, I am happy to get good, slow pans. It's good for use in a crowd, you can get above everyone's heads and to some simple moves. But you'll not track a moving car, train, plane etc. easily, it's quite limited in that respect.

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