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Peter Jefferson March 25th, 2007 10:04 PM

Manfrotto 560b Monopod issue...
okies, well i have one of those spanky 560b units with the ball at the base with feet...
i took it out for the 3rd time this wekend and whilst shooting i started noticing a slight "jarring" or "tapping" feeling.. now admittadly i do put pressure downwards to hold my shot stable, but irrespective of the height (at full height its over 6ft) i still get this jarring..

now this feeling actually feels like something is tapping the monopod...

i thought it was the tension of the ball, but no matter what i do, its still there..

Any ideas before i take it back? Anyone else expereince this jarring or "bumping" to be honest it feels like its coming from inside the monopod.. which is very strange indeed...

even holding it stable and just getting a nice neat straight shot this jarring happens, even with no pressure at all with only the weight of the camera this still occurs..


Peter Jefferson April 2nd, 2007 07:48 PM

just a quick follow up for those interested in this unit..

turns out i had the ball tension a little too tight, so ive loosened it a little.
The "jarring" is not as prominant now,the panning is not affected by this, as the paning swivel is independant from the ball itself.. BUT the ball DOES indeed swivel as well..however gravity and tension from the weight of the camera keep this stable.

so if u intend to use this unit with approx 5 to 6 kg of gear, loosen the ball

Jonathan Schwartz April 2nd, 2007 07:55 PM

Same Problem

I had the same problem with only a panny dvc30 on the head. I loosened the ball but never quite found the right tension. I ended up giving it a spray of wd-40 and it solved the problem of the jarring. I use the 560b with a 503 head, dvc30, sennheiserg2 and zoom rocker to record marching bands, dance recitals and wedding receptions and it performs wonderfully as long as I am not trying to hold a steady shot for long periods of time at max zoom.

Jonathan Schwartz
CA Video Productions

Greg Clark April 27th, 2007 05:46 PM

Alternative Head needed
I see that you are using the 503 on 560B. I would like to use the quick release plate from the 503 but not the 503 head. That would make it easy for me to move to my tripod and back again. Does Manfrotto make an alternative?

I had the same problem and loosened a little with just a dab of WD40.

Meryem Ersoz April 28th, 2007 08:17 AM

manfrotto also recently released the 561B, for heavier cameras, fyi, with a bit sturdier and smoother (for heavy cams) ball....

Greg Clark April 28th, 2007 10:21 AM

561B solution
Thank you Meryem for the assistance. I have ordered one. It would still be nice to put the same kind of head on my old 560B. Any ideas?

Meryem Ersoz April 28th, 2007 12:12 PM

personally, i feel that i have enough flexibility with the 560B with the small stock head. i prefer it because it keeps the center of gravity aligned with the camera. adding a head seems to interfere with the balance. i actually ordered the 561B with the modified 701RC2 head, but i find it doesn't balance as well, to my taste, and also adds a bunch of unnecessary weight. since i like to use my 560B as a quick n dirty steadycam, i need the vertical balance and also like the weight. the 561B is actually kind of heavy (for me) for this application, so although the panning is smoother with the A1, it's harder for me to use as a cheap steadycam. so to answer your question, i just use a ballhead on the 561B, to mimic the performance of the stock head on the 560B and to minimize the additional weight.

a 503 on a 560B seems like a lot of additional weight on the stick, although i imagine that the 503 would perform more smoothly on the 561B. the modified 701RC2 seems adequate for a camera like the A1, though.

Greg Clark May 21st, 2007 05:56 PM

561B is Excellent
I have the 560B as well but find the 561B more stable. I just finished a wedding in the wind and the extra weight made it much easier to control. The head with interchangeable plate makes it a quick switch to the tripod. The 561B also extends for above the head shots and looking down. Worth the extra weight and money.

Erik CaPaul March 23rd, 2008 08:27 PM

I've been torn on this one. I have a very small Panasonic AG-HSC1U, and I have purchased the 561B. It seems a little heavy and big for this little camera. I was considering getting a 560b and adding a 701rc2 head. I was thinking this both because it would weigh less, and I could throw the 701rc2 on a tripod sometime. If I am not mistaken, the modified 701rc2 on the 561B has no pan capabilities, so wouldn't it be pretty useless on a tripod? So, less weight and more interchangeability is what I've been thinking.


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