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Ewald Hayward July 1st, 2003 08:08 AM

Which PCI slot for the soundcard?
This has probably been asked a zillion times before! I've searched on the net, but could not find an answer. On the Asus P4B266-C M/B with 6 PCI slots, which is the "correct/best" slot for a sound card?
I'm experiencing audio sync problems when using Pinnacle Edition DV which I am trying to solve.
Much appreciated!

K. Forman July 1st, 2003 09:13 AM

It all depends on the board and sound card you are using. It is very much like a chineses puzzle in some cases, which really ruins the "plug and play" theory.

I suggest you go to the Asus site, and see if they have a message board operating today or not. Sometimes, as rare as it may seem, you can actually find useful info on their site. From my experiences with them, I wouldn't hold my breath.

You may also want to try the manufacterer's site for your sound card.

Ewald Hayward July 1st, 2003 11:34 AM

Thank you Keith
Yes, I've been to the Asus site - believe me, its like a maze!

Christopher Go July 4th, 2003 12:11 AM

(Shouldn't this go in one of the editing forums?)

Which slot to use for your various cards is predicated on several items; there is no one set recommendation exactly. Here are some tips:

1) Find out what is shared on your motherboard.

This information is located in the manual. On a very quick glance of your motherboard's manual, the following PCI slots and resources are shared:

PCI slots 1, 5, and the on-board audio share an IRQ

PCI slot 3 shares an IRQ with one of the USB controllers

PCI slot 6 shares an IRQ with the on-board LAN

The rest have their own IRQs, which are not shared:

AGP, PCI slot 2 & 4

If you place a card in one of the shared slots then you have to ensure that the software driver of the card and the card itself supports IRQ sharing. Most new cards do but if you're not sure you can try to place your higher priority cards in an unshared slot, thereby reducing the chances of problems.

2) Turn off unused devices in the BIOS

Free up resources by going into the BIOS and disabling any unused devices. For example, do you use anything connected to the Serial/COM ports? I've never used anything there in ages. I turn those off along with the Parallel Port on all of my systems since I don't use the Parallel Port either. If you don't use the on-board sound (if you got the mobo with the on-board sound) then turn that off too, and so on. But remember if you ever decide you want to use them again, enable the devices in the BIOS.

The computer should do the rest for you (i.e. Windows, ACPI, etc). There shouldn't be any need to manually assign IRQs but I know of many who like to as well. Don't if you don't need to.

How many cards do you have?

Rob Belics July 4th, 2003 09:46 AM

If you are having audio sync problems, it is not caused by placement of your board in a pci slot. Look elsewhere such as drivers or background software you may having running. See if you have spyware like Gator, etc., running.

Ewald Hayward July 5th, 2003 06:09 AM

Thanks Christopher and Rob
Christopher, I have placed the SoundCard in slot 5, which I think made a difference somehow.
I have also completely removed both the soundcard and Pinnacle capture board with their software from the pc and re-installed it from scratch. I also downloaded the Service Pack4 from Microsoft.
My system has certainly improved.
I have noticed that the audio sync problem occurred when capturing 12bit sound in stead of 16bit - might it not then have something to do with encoding from 12 to 16 bit?? Edition only works in 16bit.
Thanks for you input.

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