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Devin Termini December 9th, 2008 09:43 AM

SSD for render files?
Just curious here. Solid state disks are good for the average home use. Their low power consumption and silent operation are certainly benefits. However their read and write performance is only mediocre unless you spend the big bucks at this point ($600+).

But for random file access, their speed can't be beat. I wonder if this would be good for render files on a project where random file access speed is important. Anyone tried this? A 32GB model can be had for as little as $80.

Tripp Woelfel December 9th, 2008 06:22 PM

I haven't tried it but based on years of experience working for storage manufacturers you have to look at the whole picture. Consider this:

-Interface: If it's USB or 1394 the transfer will be limited by the maximum speed of the interface which is significantly slower than today's 7,200RPM eSATA rotating magnetic.drives. If it's connected eSATA, you should be getting better performance than rotating magnetic.

-Data integrity: Unless there is some kind of battery backup for this SSD, you could lose it in a power failure. Using it for render files should not be a big issue because you can always re-render them.

For $80, why not just get one and try it?

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