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Gerald Labrador October 6th, 2010 01:43 PM

a new HDV capture workflow?
Before posting, I already tried the different ways to set up the drives, computer, to avoid dropped frames during capture.

I just recently captured HDV from an FX-7, 3 different ways because of dropped frames.
1. Premiere CS5, caused red frames and out of sync audio.
2. HDVSplit, had more dropped frames than Premiere (usually the other way around).
3. Sony Vegas 9, no dropped frames reported, BUT treated them as 'scene changes' instead, still technically creating a 1-2 second gap.

I experimented and imported the files, captured using Premiere, and dropped it into the Vegas 9 timeline. When I scrub the timeline, there is no audio sync problem, just a partial green frame where the drop would have been.

Audio sync resolved, but I really wanted to work in Premiere because my other files are Canon H264.

When I play the tape on its own in the camera, it DOES stutter, so I'm assuming the tape has been re-used enough times at this point.

Is there a better workflow, for avoiding losing sync due to dropped frames in Premiere? (other than stop re-using the miniDV tapes)

Richard Lucas October 14th, 2010 05:28 PM

It sounds like you have a system problem. I've used both PP and HDVSplit for capture and with one exception (which I think was a corrupted file due to a power outage), I've never had a sync problem. That's using 4 different machines running XP, Vista and 7.

PP will identify corrupt frames and insert the red frames to cover them. It doesn't matter the capture method. Dropouts sometimes disappear the second time you capture a tape and I've saved some shots by doing that. A head cleaning is probably in order if you're getting a lot of dropouts.

From everything I've learned, 2 times is about all you want to use a tape. After that, it gets dodgy.

Gerald Labrador October 14th, 2010 05:35 PM

Since the orignal post, I used the camera again for another event, this time captured with Mac and had no dropouts. I then went and captured with HDVsplit on my pc, and once again the dropped frames just kept counting.

I'll clean the heads too though.
Clean the heads 2 times consecutively or just use a cleaning tape 2 times and dispose it?


Adam Gold October 14th, 2010 09:26 PM

You're supposed to use the head cleaning tape for 10 sec each time and never rewind or reuse it. There should be enough head cleaning tape in the cassette for many more than two cleanings.

If I'm understanding your question correctly.

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