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Panagiotis Raris May 11th, 2011 10:23 AM

Single process eating up 10% total processor power
Ive known for a while now that the process IAStorDataMgrSvc.exe, which is an Intel driver for HD's. My motherboard is an Asus Rampage III Gene (X58, Marvell SATA III, Marvell USB 3.0, 6x Intel SATA II)

i have it disabled, as it actively eats up 10-20% of my processing capabilities, even at idle. I have no hard disks on the Intel SATA II ports; both my OVZ Vertex 2 SSD and Pioneer BDR-206MBK are on the Marvell SATA III's, and the 8 disk RAID6 array is on an Areca 1222 8x PCIe card.

Check out your task manager activity; if you can run your OS on a separate, non-intel SATA port or safe mode and disable it, see if your render times drop. again i have had it disabled since about a month after my build, and on the old PC it is also disabled. Just figured i should mention something for the rest of you.

my machines are stripped down in terms of running services and processes; i use the Marvell SATA III ports for any SATA drives instead of the Intel ports for this reason.

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