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Marc Hangl June 21st, 2011 04:24 AM

Pinnacle studio 14 export6 for avchd disc
my dad has an old avchd sony camcorder ( i'm guessing at least 4 yrs old) - basically until a few months ago he had no means of getting it on a pc until he acquired a copy of pinnacle studio 14).
I am a mac user who uses fcp so the pc world esp video part is pretty alien to me and have only had experience of avchd in the last few months.
Anyway to get to the point . . . I was at his a few months ago and went through the basics of the programme picking it up as i go along. Using PMB (sony) to import the footage and no problem getting the footage to export to burn to dvd. PMB has the option to burn a avchd disc but the file that I exported from pinnacle studio in a format that was as close to the original as I could make it was not seen as an option by PMB.

So the main question I am asking is there an option for exporting from Pinnacle studio 14 which PMB could burn a AVCHD disc - if so what is it.
If not is there a simple cheap programme that could do this

My dad lives in another city so i only get up there every few months and is not overly au fait with videos, so it will be the case of looking at it in person as opposed to explaining over the phone or by email. I'm up there this weekend so I was hoping some of you guys could provide a few pointers

thanks in advance


Scott Frick June 21st, 2011 07:42 AM

Re: Pinnacle studio 14 export6 for avchd disc
Hey Marc,
I assume you are doing some editing with pinnacle and then want to output the final product to a DVD. Within Studio 14 , there is the option to burn directly to disc from the timeline which should eliminate the need to output to PMB and then burn. In my experience, that works pretty well and might eliminate an extra step for him.

Marc Hangl June 22nd, 2011 04:09 AM

Re: Pinnacle studio 14 export6 for avchd disc
Thanks for the reply scott
I probably did not explain myself very well - I was trying to get a work flow for him to burn a avchd disc (ie hd disc on a normal dvd). I only had bout a couple of hours last time I was up at his working out how to use pinnacle, looking at the setting etc. As PMB (the software that comes with sony avchd cameras for importing the footage, etc ) has an option for making a avchd disc from the original footage I was hoping to see if it was possible to export edited footage from pinnacle that PMB would be able to use. I could not see an option to export at original settings and when i made the setting as close as i could manually PMB would not let you use the file ( ie greyed out) for a avchd disc.
Its possible that its not an option in which case i was hoping someone might know another programme that would do the burning that is not too expensive and no steep learning curve. He has had the camera years without being able to put it on a computer to this spring - I use fcp on a G5 imac which cannot edit avchd, though i will be getting a new imac next week, but would prefer to see if there is a solution that he can easily use that will enable him to have footage at the higher quality of hd

Bruce Foreman September 13th, 2011 01:41 PM

Re: Pinnacle studio 14 export6 for avchd disc
It's built in to Pinnacle Studio. Select the "Make Movie" tag, in that section click on "Disk" in the upper left part of the screen, to the immediate right of that select as disk type "AVCHD".

Menus on the timeline won't work, and you are limited to a tad over 20 minutes of program material if I remember correctly. But it will create an AVCHD Blu-ray compliant disk that will play in high definition on most Blu-ray players and on Sony PS3.

Caution: Do NOT put this disk in a regular DVD player. You may have to get a repair shop to get it out so you can use the player for other disks.

When I tried this, I carefully labelled the disk "Do NOT attempt to play in DVD player".

I had no way to play it so I took it to a "big box" electronic store and they played it in high def on a Blu-ray player hooked up to a 42" TV.

Another way is to "render" from the timeline to a file like MP4 or WMV. I then copy it to a "thumb drive" and play it through my Blu-ray player which has a USB input.

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