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Jason Pechman November 28th, 2002 01:41 PM

mpeg-2 sos help!
Ok everyone don't laugh...

I just finished editing 3 weddings on edit dv. It is an old platform and I am prepareing to move on to a newer system. I have pushed my old pc to far and these are the last video projects it will ever see.

My current system: compaq presario 5190, 256mb ram, 550mhz amd k6. I have added "band-aids" too it to keep it going, WD 80gb 8mb HD, windows 2K,and just the other day, a pioneer dvr A05.

The parts that were added, are going to transfered to the new system, (thinking asus P4B533-E w/2.4 procc) while also switching to VVIII.


Edit dv works with quicktime files,(orig. qt4) I was hopeing that the dvd burnner would include software to convert my edited videos to dvd. It included Sonic mydvd 4. Oh boy! Now the fun part... This software won't recognize my old digital origin firewire card. Hmm, plot thickins.. Now what can I do? I need to get this file into mpeg-2 format to burn it off? What is my next move?

Is it a software fix or a hardware fix? If I have to spend money to get this project done, I want to be able to incorporate it into the new system. Should I pick up vegas video III? It has mpeg-2 encodeing right? I could then re-capture the finished product and burn it!, But won't I need a capture card, like a pyro or somthing?

I could drop about 500 bucks right now, maybe a little more if the solution is good..

Edward Troxel November 28th, 2002 08:28 PM

Simple solution: Download TMPGenc and use it to encode to MPEG2 format. You will also need to download and install the QTReader file (it just gets unzipped into the TMPGenc folder) to allow TMPGenc to read the .mov files.

Here are your steps after TMPGenc and QTReader are installed:

1) Export the .mov as a REFERENCE file for the entire project.
2) Use TMPGenc to convert to MPEG2
3) Author the DVD using the MPEG2 file and the software that came with the A05
4) Burn the DVD

EditDV was a great program in its day. I still have a copy (as well as Cinestream) installed on a machine here. However, since installing VV3, I have never looked back. You WILL need to have a standard OHCI firewire card once you switch to VV3. If you wait for the new machine, it will probably have one built-in. Otherwise, look for an inexpensive Pyro or SIIG card.

p.s. TMPGenc has a 15 day free trial period. So, if you don't want to purchase it, just make sure you get all your encoding done within 2 weeks or buy VV3 and use it for encoding.

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