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Caleb Reynolds November 29th, 2020 10:56 AM

PC Build Advise Please! 2020 version?
Hello all. I've searched the forum and the latest build info is from early 2019, and then 2015 before that....So its late 2020 now and certainly tech has evolved. Seems it does that every minute of the day!

I'm coming from Mac and FCP 7 & X...I will run Adobe or Vegas on the new machine.

Looking for the best options to edit 4k (raw preferably) and 8k later (compressed)

The camera footage will mostly be a BMD 4k pocket cam. Vlog, promo videos, music videos

I already know I'm going to run as many ssd that I can fit in it. Somewhere in the 4tb storage range or more..

Budget (not including the ssd's) $2k

My questions would be:

How much ram recommended and brand?

Which video and sound cards do ya'll recommend?

Which tower/shell do ya'll recommend? It would be nice to be able to continuesly upgrade this over the years. I'm leaving Mac cause I'm tired of spending 3k every 2 years as this is a hobby for me.

Which motherboard do ya'll recommend?

Who is your favorite online seller for this?

Thank you all very much!

Pete Cofrancesco November 29th, 2020 11:14 AM

Re: PC Build Advise Please! 2020 version?
I would suggest buying one of the new M1 Macs that's what I did. They're inexpensive and faster than computers that cost triple the price. You can look at the reviews on Youtube. Then add external SSD for more storage.

John Nantz November 29th, 2020 01:03 PM

Re: PC Build Advise Please! 2020 version?
Caleb - I'm running my systems behind you, basically 2012 two MBPs and a 2012 MP; however, after tuning in and reading your post I was gong to write and suggest the new M1 series .... then read Pete's post, so he beat me to it.

Here are a couple articles from yesterday that gets me going: for the M1 (do a search):
Apple is taking control, and a risky bet, with its M1 chip (Yahoo/Finance)
Apple’s new MacBooks have delighted critics. Why investors should care too (Barron’s on Technology Trader)

We know the Mac Pro to be released later will be expensive, but the MBP looks good for now, then wait and see what happens with the Mac Pro.

Apple, by cutting out the middle man for the processor, should be able to keep the MP cost down. The technology being used on the iPhone, iPad, and then the MBPs, should provide the cost reduction to make the MP more reasonable.

Save your existing gear for archiving.
Speaking of archiving, that's a problem area I'm working on. These files are huge!

Caleb Reynolds November 29th, 2020 07:10 PM

Re: PC Build Advise Please! 2020 version?
Iíll read those articles on the M1. Thank you for posting!

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