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Rick Forge November 16th, 2005 07:08 AM

Any Suggestions on this System
Trying to set up a editing system and sent it out to bid. I plan to run Vegas 6 for editing software. Any suggestions/changes/additions on this system:

400 Watt Black Mid Tower $65.00
Intel 915PBLL Motherboard $155.00
Seagate 200 Gig 7200 8mb Sata (2) $260.00
512 Meg DDR2 533 MHZ SoDimm (4) $320.00
Benq dvdrw 16x $75.00
ATI X700 Pro 256 Meg PCI E $199.00
Windows XP Pro $157.00
Seagate 80 Gig 7200 8mb Sata $75.00
Intel P4 3.4 800 MHz 2MB $347.00



Glenn Chan November 16th, 2005 08:11 AM

CPU: A faster CPU will help render and preview speeds. Vegas does get faster with dual-core setups, so you should probably go down that route.

On the Intel side, a 2X2.8ghz dual core should be about the same price and a little faster. I'm unsure if they'll run on that motherboard. You can get a more-featured motherboard from Asus for that price and it'll likely do dual core (Intel motherboards are usually just a bit overpriced, although they arguably have better quality control).
You might also want to look at AMD, which is better bang for your buck right now (it's a little more bang for your buck if you need to pay for your electricity... the Intel dual core CPUs suck up a lot of power).

2- You may be able to get away with storing video on the system drive (and just getting a bigger system drive).

3- The video card is overkill as Vegas can't take advantage of a fast video card.

4- Some of the prices on parts look a little high, the DVDRW in particular (should be $50). Try getting a quote from monarchcomputer.com

5- Maybe look at getting slightly bigger hard drives. The sweet spot in GB/$ is a little higher I think (around 250GB).

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