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Steve Leone April 8th, 2004 05:15 PM

Need Help with setup of JVC DV500U
HI...I need some help / advice on setting up my camera; if there is anyone out there with a decent grasp on the engineering side of cameras, the DV500 in particular, I'd appreciate your help.

Let me preface this by saying that I did a multi cam shoot last month with a guy who had a d30 that had been engineered by Roger Macie(Dedham, MA)...hes a pretty well known video engineer in the NE, and sets up up a lot of cameras for folks up here....we were able to match chroma phase perfectly, however, his cam look somewhat more saturated...I stopped by Macie and chatted it up with one of his guys and found out that as I suspected, ONE of the things he does when he sets up a camera is crank up the chroma. Naturally, I'd like to be able to do the same, and get that richer look(as far as phase is concerned , my 500 looks better than the D30, in my opinion, so I am not looking to change colorimetry)...well, I put my camera on a vector scope/waveform, and I was surprised to see that everything is hot....white on bars is set to 110%, and the vector has all of the targets over shot.
Question 1. is this the result of the color matrix or is this just bad set up?
Question 2. will the RGB gain adjustments adjust chroma saturation or just luma(gain)?
Question 3. how exactly can I bring bars back down to 100%(assuming thats where it should be) and still pump up my chroma a bit?
I'd just have Roger Macie do it for me, but its going to cost about $600 minimum to have him set up my camera..I have the service manual so I know how to get to all the service menus, just not
sure how to get where I wanna be....
Thanx in advance!!
oh, feel fre to e-mail me directly....

Jeff Donald April 8th, 2004 09:29 PM

Can you post a shot of the scope? Its pretty hard to say just by a verbal description. RGB gain will adjust chroma. Your other questions, Id like to see a screen shot.

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