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-=Lozar=- December 3rd, 2001 12:17 AM

Using DV as a Web Cam
Is there any software that can do this?

Adrian Douglas December 3rd, 2001 12:47 AM

Hey Lozar,

better to go spend $50 on a dedicated web cam. By the time you compress Native DV into a realtime web format you've lost all the quality and you just end up with a $5000 web camera that looks like a $50 one

-=Lozar=- December 3rd, 2001 01:00 AM

I accidently posted a new topic instead of replying to this one.

it said:

Ya, I hear ya there.
However I would like to use the zoom lens of a DV Cam to zoom into the lake off a backyard patio and things like that. =)

Adrian Douglas December 3rd, 2001 06:22 AM

Ok, the only thing I can think of is get a TV card, for watching TV on your computer, hook your camera up to it through the composite connections and try to make that your source for your webcam software. It might take some trial and error but as far as I'm aware there's nothing that will convert DV into streaming MJPEG in Real Time. Good luck.

PS. I'd like to see some of your snowboard trip stuff when you shoot some.

-=Lozar=- December 3rd, 2001 06:59 AM

Ya, I've actually already done that. Worked ok. However it lagged the whole computer terribly. And for the snowboarding footage... I won't have that until late January. Five friends and I will be going to Big Sky Montana. ( http://www.bigskyresort.com ) It won't be anything special being we all pretty much suck. But it's the fun that counts anyways right. :) I put up some funny vids I shot a couple years ago with my crappy Sony TRV-310 that actually broke last month. (Btw, I still haven't decided if I want an XL1s or a GL1 :/ )
Check em out here:


Hopefully give ya a little laugh. =)

Ulrik [fC] December 3rd, 2001 08:22 AM

lol -.- actually I had to laugh, was very funny .. both of the clips.

Thanks a lot.

BTW: really nice landscape


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