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Laurence Currie-Clark July 21st, 2005 10:11 AM

1 CCD - Bayer Filter/Bayer Interpolation
Hey everyone,

Can anyone explain to me the difference between Bayer Filter and Bayer Interpolation?

What about an RGB filter, does that use interpolation or not?

I'm kind of confused, could anone explain?


Michael Salzlechner July 21st, 2005 10:53 AM


the bayer filter is the actual filter over the CCD. It is a color filter array that filters all the light but one color for each cell on the sensor

There are different types of patterns but the most common is the GRGB type. Where in a square you have two cells that only look at the green color and one red and one blue.

Bayer interpolation simply takes the image that is read off the sensor and contains only one color per pixel and interpolates all 3 colors for each pixel.

So really for each pixel 2 of the 3 colors are made up from neighboring pixels. But it sounds worse than it is.

Forgot to add this

The Bayer filter is as mentioned what filkters the light before it hits the sensor. Bayer interpolation is nessecary to recreate a real full color image from the sensor data later so both work together.

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