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Eduardo Mayen November 14th, 2002 08:25 PM

Different Hue through white Balance
I have been altering the hue of DV recently. White balancing to magenta to get green and to red to get blue. There seems to be no subtractive color logic to it. What should I do if I want a red hue. Will a red hue create some sort of noise, just because its red?

Jeff Donald November 14th, 2002 08:41 PM

It's referred to as Color Balance. It has the elements of both additive and subtractive color. Your pairs are Cyan - Red, Magenta - Green, Yellow - Blue. It is usually shown as a six pointed star. The colors I paired above go on opposite points of the star. To obtain a red or a warmer hue, white balance to cyan.


Andre De Clercq November 15th, 2002 10:25 AM

For the logic behind white balancing, just keep in mind that white balancing just tries to make the image (chart..) where you point your camera to, to become neutral gray (or white). So, if yr cam sees a magenta chart (additive combination of red and blue), in order to make this look white it needs green added (additive) because adding up (additive)equal amounts of R and B and G result in white. The higher amount of green which yr cam generates in the above example results in a greenish hue when pointed at a normal scene.

Jeff Donald November 15th, 2002 06:45 PM

Here is a short and concise explanation of color theory http://www.bway.net/~jscruggs/sub.html


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