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Paul Mailath January 24th, 2012 01:48 AM

$50 follow focus
couldn't see another post on this so..

50-Dollar Follow Focus by Wiley Davis Comments — Kickstarter

pretty bloody smart - and a great way to fund it

John Stakes January 24th, 2012 09:15 AM

Re: $50 follow focus
I'm amazed at the follow focus solutions that have come forward over these past few years. Great link!

Alex Payne January 27th, 2012 10:17 AM

Re: $50 follow focus
Pretty slick. Anyone care to speculate why he's using kickstarter to sell the product instead of just selling them off a website or something? Increased exposure maybe?

Brian David Melnyk January 28th, 2012 12:45 PM

Re: $50 follow focus
i think to raise the cash to farm out the manufacturing: quicker and more efficient for producing in quantity.
i ordered a couple. the money seems to be flowing in! he had a goal of $10,000, and i think i purchased when it was recently at $25,000 (i think) and now it is at $75,000!!!
hope he can keep up with the demand!

Brian David Melnyk January 28th, 2012 12:47 PM

Re: $50 follow focus
ignore this post... i just wanted to hit 300 posts. *insert smiley face here*.

John C. Chu January 28th, 2012 03:57 PM

Re: $50 follow focus
I never thought I would want or need a follow focus but it seems pretty ingenious since it uses common drive belts.

I've seen friction ones, but love the concept here.

Paul Mailath January 29th, 2012 05:07 AM

Re: $50 follow focus

Originally Posted by Brian David Melnyk (Post 1711978)
ignore this post... i just wanted to hit 300 posts. *insert smiley face here*.

isn't there a 50 post fine for doing this? *insert smiley face here*

Brian David Melnyk January 29th, 2012 05:53 AM

Re: $50 follow focus
*insert sad face here*

Damian Heffernan January 29th, 2012 06:04 AM

Re: $50 follow focus
as he says in the description; buy two and use one for focus and one for zoom.

hard to go wrong for $50

Brian David Melnyk January 29th, 2012 12:01 PM

Re: $50 follow focus
agreed! hard to go wrong.
i bought the Cavision FF but couldn't stomach paying $50 for a gear ring. maybe if they were gold plated...
instead, i cut bike inner-tube cross sections and layered them on FF gear and it grips my lenses pretty well, though the Canon 24-105 can slip a bit as it is a little stiff...
paying $50 for a FF- that i can justify!

John C. Chu April 12th, 2012 09:46 AM

Re: $50 follow focus
Received the thing last night and tested it out on a Tamron 17-50mm 2.8

Very cool! And smooth! The handle should allow use of it while doing handheld stuff.

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