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Dale Paterson April 13th, 2006 02:28 AM

Video Clubs - Pro's and Con's?

I have been thinking about this for a while now and I think it is time to stop just thinking about it and do something with this idea.

Let me explain:

I have been very fortuanate in the sense that I have had another business for the past fourteen years or so that has enabled me (financially) to pursue my interest in video and sound production i.e. I have been able to build up quite a stash of equipment from cameras to mixers to PA systems to mics etc. etc. etc. and I know that I am very lucky to be in this situation.

On the other hand I have also come to know (what I feel to be) my own limitations and specialities. By that I mean that I know that I am not a good cameraman, I do not think that I have the creative ability to write a script for a television advert, documentary, or film etc. but I am good at visualizing the end product and feel that I am very good at (and enjoy) editing, sound setup, compositing, etc. etc. etc.

So I got to thinking - why not form a sort of 'video club' (although I am not sure that this would be the right term for it)?

Basically the idea would be to attract some people who feel that they are creative enough to write scripts for adverts, short films, and the like; attract other people who feel that they are able to act; maybe attract other people that would be good at camera work; and even more people that would be good at sound and lighting; and maybe after all of these people have come together we might be able to produce something of note whether it be a television advert, short film, documentary, etc. etc. etc.

This would be aimed at students and the like - the idea being that I have all of this equipment and would be able to provide 'hands on' experience to people who share the same passion for this business as I do but who otherwise could not afford the equipment that I have (or any equipment for that matter - particularly here in South Africa). At the same time it would allow me to work with like minded individuals and between all of us maybe we would be able to churn out something worthwhile.

As a matter of fact I did make an offer to a 'video club' some time ago - basically I told the organiser that I had all of this equipment etc. etc. and if anyone was interested in getting some hands-on experience with cameras, editing software, mics, mixers, lights, etc. etc. then I would be only to glad to help out but never heard another thing from them.

Has anyone tried this sort of thing before and, if so, what are the benefits and pitfalls of this sort arrangement - if any?



Trond Saetre April 13th, 2006 07:12 AM

This sounds like an interesting idea.

I know that there are at least a few such video clubs here in Norway.
I have never been with any of them, so I don't really know any details.

Michael Wisniewski April 13th, 2006 07:37 AM

You might try something like QuickFlix. There are a few other organizations that do something similar.

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