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Steve Mims May 4th, 2009 11:58 AM

AG-HMC Test Footage
I shot test footage, edited it in Final Cut and posted it on vimeo here: Panasonic HMC150 Camera Test on Vimeo

I shot 1080/24P/ 1/48th shutter/ custom white balance warm/ warming polarizer filter.

I tweaked the image a little bit in FCP.

I recompressed the final file as H.264 before uploading to vimeo. Vimeo compressed the file again, so at full screen it shows compression artifacts that aren't there in the original.

I did this test for UT Austin RTF department... The camera is under consideration for a couple of production courses.

Overall I was really impressed with the image, the design of the camera, the durability of the camera, the logic of the menus and the features built in for a really good price. Amazing, really. Recording to a 4 gig, $12.00 flash card I bought at Target worked great and the ingest into FCP was flawless. The thing is virtually an HVX-200 'lite'.

The negative aspects of the camera include: poor quality LCD display, a rather small image in the viewfinder, less sharpness than a Sony EX-1, more noise in the picture. All-in-all, these issues can be pretty easily adapted to.

There is no reason you can't shoot this thing carefully and wind up with a good film.

Hope this is helpful to someone and, as always, God Bless Chris Hurd.


Scott Hayes May 10th, 2009 05:02 PM

i shot both cams side by side at an event this past week. from 1ft away you can see the missing rez, from 10ft, nope. i actually find the LCD on the Pany crisper, and the EVF is easy to focus as well. despite it's issues, I love mine!

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