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Paul Cronin December 20th, 2010 09:15 AM

Delivery up to speed in the end? What are you asking? Delivery time for the product? I do not know how many they delivered. I know when I was there I saw hundreds of Red Mounts ready to go.

I received my Birger EF mount and it worked great. A couple of times I went back to help dialed in a few problems, but that is always the case with new product. Birger responded and corrected the problem.

The Red Warranty problem was not a Birger problem from my understanding. Red did not like the fact that someone beat the to the punch and had a mount that worked with Canon EF glass. They wanted to sell their glass. So they cut the string which was not very nice, but to be expected in the nasty world of business.

Brian Drysdale December 20th, 2010 09:35 AM

I'll assume they were able to met demand. Just there was a huge RedUser thread around the Birger mount, which seemed rather confused on occasions.

RED seems touchy about the IMS mount as well and it seems to have a less intrusive fitting than the Birger.

Paul Cronin December 20th, 2010 11:22 AM

Brian I have no idea if they kept up with demand. It sure looked like they were ready when it finally hit the market. I know there was a long delay and no communication while in the build process.

I bet Red has done a nice job on all of their mounts. I have not stayed too in touch with Red, but will keep an eye on the Scarlet. Be nice to have high frame rate 2/3" to match my PMW-500.

George Strother January 3rd, 2011 11:16 AM


Originally Posted by Guy McLoughlin (Post 1592301)
...And a fourth, and perhaps likely failure point:

4. Adapter is poorly made and does not securely hold the lens to the camera body.

I often find that the cheapest solutions are not made as well as the expensive solutions. It's not always true, but often true.

I would have no problem spending the extra money on adapter mounts made by Novoflex, because I can't afford to have equipment fail during a paid shoot.

And sometimes the expensive solution does not hold the lens securely to the mount either.

I bought a new Letus Canon FD mount, for their Letus 35 Extreme, that would not securely lock the breach mount ring on any of my half dozen FD lenses. The "locked" lens would cheerfully unwind as I handled the camera. And this wasn't a cheap adapter or a third rate vendor.

Before I lost a lens, I fixed the problem with a couple of careful hammer taps to one of the mounting ears on the adapter.

I guess the moral is - whatever you buy, test, test, test. Anybody can screw up sometimes.

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