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Maxim Shirman February 18th, 2004 05:47 AM

GS70, TRV33 and video resolution
I have these two camcorders sitting on my desk right now and I will have to bring one of them back to CC later this week. I like GS70 outdoor video better than SONY but I think I will return GS70 because of 2 reasons:
1) EIS works MUCH better on SONY (in fact, it does not work at all on GS70 indoor);
2) I feel that TRV33 has better resolution. So here is my question: is it indeed that 1Mp gross (690K effective) pixels of 1/4.7" SONY CCD produces higher resolution than 400K (??) gross (290K ?? effective) x3 pixels of 1/6" Panny CCD? I spent few hours analyzing videos from two cameras and I am sure that I see difference even on my old 27" TV. Since I'll get 50" DLP HDTV this summer, I feel that I'll see even more difference in resolution.

This issue of effective video resolution is quite confusing, since on paper even 290K x 3 pixels of GS70 seems to be better than 690K pixels of SONY. Any commets, please.

Allan Rejoso February 18th, 2004 07:05 AM

I've observed repeatedly that the GS70 video is not as clear as that of a megapixel cam, even though edge enhancement seems to be excessively done (white halos are larger comparatively). I expect the GS200 to improve on this particular aspect due to its higher resolution CCDs and Crystal Engine.

Pany's EIS has the tendency to become ineffective when the light level goes down, or when the shutter speed goes to 1/60. That's according to Pany Japan.

I would have to agree with your observations.

Lou Bruno February 18th, 2004 09:22 AM

I must pipe in as well. I am very disappointed in the EIS of the GS70 as it is totally useless even outdoors. There is too much "video vibration" from the EIS.

However, the outdoor quality is remarkable. I recently compared it to the Canon Elura 50 and the indoor shots were cleaner with the Panasonic albeit starving for light.

I posted a question on the forum earlier as it relates to the picture quality of the SONY PC-330 but apparently nobody has compared these two cameras. I would rather give up some small video quality than to have a shaky, amatuerish looking video due to a substandard EIS as found on the GS70.
Since this is my vacation camera, using a tripod "on the run" is totally out of the question as I wanted a camera for compactness.

Any opions? THANKS

Tommy Haupfear February 18th, 2004 10:42 AM


Any opions? THANKS
Yeah, get a DV953 or GS100. They are perfect size for vacations! The PC330 is overpriced IMO. The PC105 would be my choice if it had to be a vertical Sony. Both have excellent 16:9 modes.



Maxim, I'd keep the TRV33. It also has a decent 16:9 mode compared to the dismal letterbox mode on the GS70. The TRV33 widens the angle of view while in 16:9 mode with an anamorphic squeeze to tape.

Maxim, another spot to read up on Sony digital camcorders is in the video section of Sonycams.com

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