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Peter Jefferson August 28th, 2003 05:57 AM

Scene Settings

im tring to figure out what would be some good universal Scene Settings.

Ive done some experimenting, but for some reason the results just seem a a little weak considering the cameras capabilities...

This is basically for DVD output, but i havent really used this cam indepth as much as i would like to....

Either frame rate is fine, but im just having issues in figuring out whether thin or thick detail is better....

Im leaning towards thick, with the matrix set to Cinema thruout. with a high setting on low light areas with a lower Master Ped... im still unsure abotu that as my next booking isnt for another few weeks, so i dont wanna take a gamble...

I have afew settings which im still having issues with...

Im particularly after scene settings for a

Bright Backlit Chapels (without the need to use a light to compensate shadows)
<ie, bride walking down aisle, sun blows directly thru entrance. Light hitting her back and throwing the front end colours off into the shadows while garishly blowing everything out.>

Normal daylight Park/waterside/beach etc is a breeze ( but phasing, chroma and gamma stil has me a little annoyed as im NEVER happy with any settings)

and finally Extreme EXTREME Lowlight (gain use is not an issue) With that im referring to is a 1 candle per table with Fairly lights illuminating the room. Mostly though, imagine a dark enough setting to be comparable to a night club

-->These are examples of EXTREME situations which a Wedding Videogrpaher may find themselves in, and i was hoping someone would be able to offer opinions in detailing each setting for optimal coverage.

Im not at the studio but ill throw up some ideas and settings when i get a chance..
i just thought id ask around..
as I believe the Scene Settings are EXTREMELY powerful and i think are the highlight of this cameras funcionality.


Mark Monciardini August 28th, 2003 06:50 PM

Being able to have presets on the DVX is a god send do ya think! I love them.

I wanted to note that I did a wedding with the detail in the middle setting (0). And was a little disapointed with the results because I wanted somthing sharper. I have a wedding this weekend and I'm moving the detail up to +3 or +4. I'll let you know how it works out. But I would definitly give it a boost unless you are doing interviews of faces etc.

We can always soften the image after words but if it lacks detail it can be hard to bring it back in post.

If I ever do some tapings of old folks with wrinkles, then I'll probably switch it to F1 or lower the detail :-)

Peter Jefferson August 29th, 2003 09:18 AM

that would be good to see...

at the moment, ive just dropped the master ped down a notch or three but i havent touched much else...

i am still to decide whether think or thin is better for dvd, at the moment, im thinking thinck due to the artifacts dvd leave behind.. basically i dont want them to be that noticable and using a thin setting im afraid would make it more apparent..

gonna do some shooting at teh beach tomorrow so ill see how i go

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