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Scott Plowman June 7th, 2004 11:10 PM

AG-DVC30 vs. DVX100 vs. DVC60
Now that these are shipping.. Can anyone answer?? I have seen this question asked a dozen times.. no one seems to know or answer though. Low light in DVC 30 ??? Bad? will it work for a wedding? How does the footage compare to DVX100a in the cinegamma mode?? 60i?? anyone??

Mark Williams June 8th, 2004 05:56 AM

Low light is actually pretty good. I just finished shooting 6 hours up in the mountains under heavy overcast in deep woods. I shot mostly at 1/60 and 2.8 and never used the gain control. I could have never have done this with my GL-1. Of course this is much different than shooting a wedding but maybe it will help.



Scott Plowman June 9th, 2004 10:18 PM

Thank you for the input.. anyone else? Can anyone comment on matching footage for weddings etc. with the DVX 100A? and further opinions of low light?

Wes Mallard June 14th, 2004 02:04 PM

dvc30 shutter speeds
What's the lowest manually selectable shutter speed on the DVC30?

I have a pan 953 and the lowest manually selectable shutter speed is 1/60th. I believe the shutter is slower still in one of the menu selectable digital modes, but in this mode ordinary video is a bit strobing. It does improve the low light performance.

On my vx2000 I can select 1/30 and I believe 1/15 right from the menu wheel.

Thanks ,


Barry Green June 14th, 2004 02:25 PM

Re: Dvc 30 / Dvx100a
<<<-- Originally posted by Scott Plowman : Now that these are shipping.. Can anyone answer?? -->>>

I'm not sure what you're asking: are you asking which one a consumer should buy?

If so, it's obvious: anyone who can afford a DVX would and should buy the DVX. The DVC30 is for those who can't afford the DVX, or who really need a longer zoom range. Other than that the DVC doesn't have any features over the DVX, and it's smaller chips won't deliver as good performance as the DVX. Which is why it costs $1400 less (MSRP).

If you want the film look, progressive scan, larger CCD's, better low-light response, wider-angle lens, or just the best-quality camera, or the best audio, the DVX is the winner. If you need infrared nightshot recording, longer telephoto reach, or cannot afford the DVX, then you consider the DVC30. Either way, the market segment for each is clearly defined, so I don't understand why someone would be trying to choose between these two -- they don't serve the same market.

Scott Plowman June 14th, 2004 02:37 PM

Barry thank you for trying to help :)
im sorry maybe that is why no one has answered..
I meant for my question to be.... Will it match close enough to the quality I will recieve when trying to edit the footage together. I already have spent my life savings on the DVX100a.. I already own that.
My problem is this. I am making a storm chasing documentary. And I think the DVC 30 would work better for in and out in and out of the car.. I think it would mount easier as well given its weight and size. I need to know
1. Low light.. Is it even comparable? specs claim so.. My use would be questioned for weddings (low light)
2. will its footage match satisfactorily my dvx100a footage?

If anyone who has had enough time with this camera (DVC 30) that can compare it to the dvx that they may already own.. Thank you in advance for any help..

Ben Gurvich September 13th, 2004 10:38 AM

Whats the difference AG-DVC30E vs DVX100
What are differences b/w these two cams?

Is the 25p on the AG-DVC30E (Pal) not the same as the dvx100.

Are the lenses different etc.

Ben Gurvich

Tommy Haupfear September 13th, 2004 12:05 PM

I thought it was more like "whats the same between these two cams?".


The DVX100A has the larger CCDs (1/3" vs. 1/4") and it offers true 25p progressive scan (24p/30p for NTSC). The PAL DVC30 only offers frame mode which is associated with a slight resolution loss compared to progressive scan.

Here is Steve Mullen's article on progressive scan, frame mode, and interlaced video. (pdf format)

Click here

Lens? I would think they would be different but maybe someone else can comment on this.

Ben Gurvich September 13th, 2004 10:36 PM

Thanks Tommy,

Its hard times to select. I wanna future proof so I really need true 16x9, Progressive I think is a must, but maybe even HDV is worth the wait, but not for 1080i.

Ben Gurvich

Tilford Bartman October 6th, 2004 08:36 PM

I was considering these two camcorders. I decided on the DVC30. I liked it's small size and relative inobtrusiveness. I do my own documentaries, that have sometimes involved travel to Eastern Europe. I burn them on DVD and distribute them myself to interested parties. I think the progressive scan capabilities of the 100a are not that important to me, and much of the so called film look could be gotten with software plug-in in premiere pro. Clips where I would use this would likely be pretty short and not require days of render time. Also price of DVX100A was pretty high for my budget. I ordered the DVC30A from Willoughby's in New York City. They answered my questions without any hard sell at all. I got the AG-DVC30, a four year warranty, an extra 4 hour battery, a UV filter, and three tapes for $2,419 with shipping. It shipped the next day, and it was at my door in two days. I highly recommend Willoughby's. I've spent a few hours with the AG-DVC30, so far so good. I have a Sennhieser ME66 external shotgun mike that I've attached. Previously I had a Canon GL1, and I like the DVC30 much better. It's even smaller, more sold. I think the video quality is a little better, and it has so more useful features. So far I recommend the DVC30 and Willoughby's!

Mark Williams October 7th, 2004 08:49 AM


Same here. I have 30+ hours on my DVC30 and its great. It does everything I want, has a high build quality and is easy to use. I think it will be quite a while before I outgrow this cam.



Joe Amato October 9th, 2004 12:54 AM

i have the dvc-30 i love the filma gamma in 60i does notlook like video
i would also reccomend the jvc-gy300 with1/3 inch chips it has 700 lines of resolution and beats the 100a in picture quality it can be had for 1899 at tristatecamera.com latta

Curtis Rhoads October 9th, 2004 11:59 AM

Does anyone know if the 16:9 squeeze mode on the DVC30 is the same as the squeeze mode on the DVX100A?

I'm currently looking at both of these cam's, but haven't been able to tell if one's squeeze mode is better than the other's.

Tommy Haupfear October 11th, 2004 08:38 AM


Does anyone know if the 16:9 squeeze mode on the DVC30 is the same as the squeeze mode on the DVX100A?
The squeeze mode on the DVX100A is significantly better when used with progressive scan. The DVC30's squeeze mode with frame mode has VERY low resolution. I would recommend the GS400 over the DVC30 for quality 16:9.

Click here for a 16:9 frame mode comparison between last year's GS100 and DVC30.


i would also reccomend the jvc-gy300 with1/3 inch chips it has 700 lines of resolution and beats the 100a in picture quality
The GY-DV300 and DVX100A are two distinctly different cams and the difference in video quality (not just resolution) is subjective.

Michael Liebergot January 13th, 2005 07:26 PM

DVC60 or DVC30
OK, here we go. I do event videography and am looking to add a new camera to replace my Canon GL1 (Will now become 2nd camera).

I am leaning toward either Panasonic's DVC60 or DVC30.

If you had a choice would you rather have a DVC30 or a DVC60?

Since the DVC60 already has built in XLR inputs, the prices would be about the same when you put purchase the XLR adapter for the DVC30.

The componenets are essentailly the same except the lens on the DVC60 seems a bit longer and it seems to have a better onboard mic (although I would run a shotgun mic on it).

Although DVC60 is shoulder supported camera.

All feedback is welcome.


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