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Todd Deece July 16th, 2004 08:47 AM

PAL version available anywhere in the US?
Hi there.

I was wondering wether there are US stores (preferably ONLINE
stores) that offer the PAL DVX100. The NTSC prices are somewhat
lower than the EURO prices over here so I'm hoping do find a
good source in the US... any chances?

That's it. Thanks.

Oh by the way: Since we're talking about prices here. Anyone
thinks that the release of the XL2 could lower DVX100-prices a
little? I'm not sure 'cause the XL2 is signifficantly more expensive
than the DVX100 and may have a different target group...

Thanks again.

Kristofer Lonna July 18th, 2004 06:11 PM

I think B&H have them in stock ...


Jeremy Bond July 19th, 2004 09:11 AM

Dear Todd

i have - like you, I guess - ben hunting myself. There are about 10 shops that offer PAL in US for less than here in the UK. Sadly after looking at lots of them, checking up on them, calling them etc I found most of them to be scams (or at least to be operating semi-legally but doing very bad things like selling yuou camera and then taking all the bundled accessories out the box!) These shops included A and M Photo World and Digital Liquidators which had the latest PAL model - the DVX100AE - at $3100 - 3200. One up in price is Broadway photo - for $3500. This is hugely advised against on various websited - again scamming people or not sending what they say. They are all online places. After all my search the only decent reputable place that had PAL was a shop called B and H Photo Video - which someone else just told you about. They do PAL for $3999 ($4000) but when you add a Mack guarantee for two years (you can get four too if you like) it goes to $4100. This is just under 2200. AND would only be worth it if you smuggle through custioms. If they ship to you you'd get charged about 20% of customs on top of this! So as i say ONLY worth it if smuggling through customs - and then if you get caught it's not worth it. All in all I am now debating between Globalmediapro which is 2471.13 including a 2 year Mack warranty - if you can go through a company and get tax back it will be 2103. This is a DVX100AEN (Japan model but apparantly exactly the same - and does have the two year warranty). Or Visual Impact - who are proper comapny with offices and workshops you can go visit and meet them etc. They will give you a DVX100AE UK model and warranty it for two years themsleves (they are an authorised repair centre as well as dealer). This will cost you 2400 plus VAT. So I think all in UK no cheaper ("now" as in given by recent research). Let me know what you think and anything else you are aware of. Take care,
Jeremy (London)

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