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Tony Manero May 9th, 2003 04:12 PM

Please help me with the ag-dvx100
Hi , I 'd like to know how can I acquire video with my powerbook g4 and adobe premiere 6.5 : how to have the all pixel resolution of the camera and capture in 25p because if I record in minidv I can't take adv. of the all resolution.
And , in the case the premiere 6.5 is not good ,what should I use ( consider I 've already purchased adobe ) and on my pc ( but it's a desktop so I cannot bring it with me to acquire ) I do have avid xpress 3.5 , mediastudio pro 7 and vegas video 4.
I also wish to know if the powerbook g4 with 1gb of ram is enough fast to acquire by firewire and not drop any frame .
I know I am asking a lot but I am new of all this
Thanks a lot

PS what about final cut express ?

Jeff Donald May 9th, 2003 06:33 PM

The DVX100 only records in mini DV. The compression etc. has already taken place when the image was recorded to tape. The transfer of the data to the hard drive is lossless. It's just a data transfer, not a capture. If you want to capture uncompressed material you will need to purchase an additional capture card. FireWire will do DV (5:1 compression), but not uncompressed. I don't know of any capture cards for G4 Ti PowerBooks.

I capture DV to my wife's 400MHz Ti PowerBook (512 ram) and my 800 Ti PowerBook with no dropped frames.

Premiere will do uncompressed video, as will FCP, Avid Express is DV only I believe. But again, you'll need to purchase a capture card for a desktop system.

Ron Little May 10th, 2003 05:20 PM

Use the fire wire connection to capture to your power book. Any of the software applications you mention will work if you know how to use them. I use Premiere 6.5 and it works great.

Tony Manero May 11th, 2003 05:22 AM

premiere? But what settings?
Thanks , for the reply .
Now , what settings should I use for Pal 25p in order to acquire the highest resolution that the camera ag-dvx100e put out by firewire meaning DV720x576 or Pal ( with an higher resolution ),
and also is the ag-dvx100e put out by firewire rawdata or data already compressed in dv and if that is the case what the advantage to record it in a uncompress mode and so doing the editing in uncompressed and not keeping in DV ?
If anyone can answer to this answer would be fantastic!

Jeff Donald May 11th, 2003 10:58 AM

Since you'll be using FireWire into your PowerBook, set the capture for PAL DV. This will give you your best capture via FireWire. If you had a desktop system you could look at adding a capture card to do uncompressed and some ultra fast SCSI drives. But that is not really an option with your PowerBook.

DV is compressed (5:1) by your camera the instant it is recorded. That is the nature of DV. When you capture, it is not really a capture. You are actually sending data files from one medium (tape) to another medium (Hard Drive). This results in no additional loss of quality. But remember, DV is compressed video.

The advantage of uncompressed is the compression and periodic rendering of scenes, titles, graphics, effects, color corrections etc. does not produce artifacts that gradually cause a loss of quality (like DV does). But again, it would be next to impossible to do uncompressed with a PowerBook.

Tony Manero May 11th, 2003 12:44 PM

hi , that means that the firewire of the ag-dvx100 doesn't pull out uncompressed or raw data but already dv compressed data ?
Is there any advantage to capture on my powerbook vs recording on a dvcam recorder and is there any advantage to capture from powerbook via firewire versus recording on minidv ?

Jeff Donald May 11th, 2003 01:27 PM

There is no uncompressed or raw data on you tape. The tape contains DV. The very nature of DV requires 5:1 compression. That is the standard for the DV format.

Recording on DVCam or any other of the small digital formats will yield the same basic compression. If you want uncompressed you will need a capture card. FireWire is not suitable for uncompressed at this time. If uncompressed is a must try Digi Beta or one of the other larger formats.

FireWire is just the name for the type of connection. It is basically a serial connection that has it's own specifications. Another name for it is iLink (Sony) or IEEE1394 (a, or b). Other serial connections have names like RS-232 or RS-422. Apple decided to name theirs FireWire.

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