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Paulo Teixeira November 11th, 2011 02:12 PM

Green screen music video with 2 child musicians.
Performed by Michael 13 and Marisa 14
Michael and Marisa "It's LIke That" Video HD - YouTube

Michael is into green work and so I said I should make a music video using green screen. One idea to somehow make it unique is to clone them. On the day of shooting, I just allowed the kids to act anyway they want so I wasn't really directing and I think they did good. After shooting, we all put a bunch of ideas together to think about how the final piece will look and here it is.

It was shot with the Panasonic GH2 using the 20mm lens. The green screen was not anything fancy and the florescent lighting came from TubeTape. It was edited in Premiere Pro CS5 using Ultra Key rather than After Effects. Besides the drums scenes which was a bit chaotic with the shadows on the floor and the symbols reflecting the green, The Ultra Keyer did pretty good considering it was a cheap green material that we used and because we were shooting in a tight place, the lighting wasn't in the best spots but it still ended up decent. I used PhotoShop for the night scene. The swimming scenes were shot with the SD600 and the other real life scenes as well as the flying scenes were shot with the Canon S95. The flying scenes were edited by Michael and then inserted into the video.

This whole idea was just for fun and because of it, I've become pretty good using the Ultra Key feature in CS5. It's my first big project using Ultra Key. I've done concert videos and even edited multi cam concert videos but this is the first time making a traditional music video. I expect to be much better next time.

Jeff Harper November 11th, 2011 09:00 PM

Re: Green screen music video with 2 child musicians.
Paul, cute video for sure. Try adding some closeups for next video.

Paulo Teixeira November 11th, 2011 10:00 PM

Re: Green screen music video with 2 child musicians.
I fully agree. Their were 2 different ways we could have done this. With the current way, the photo in the background would have looked too pixelated and by using a different style that would have made the piece look extremely realistic in which the background was a video of a big room, it might of been too much work although I do something think about how much better it could have been doing it for either style. Theirs always a next time to see how much more ambitious it can be since I'll be starting with better experience this time.

We do know of a place in which their is an actual green screen room with expensive professional lighting. Since Michael and Marisa's family are friends with the owner, we have a good chance using it next time. We might have used it for this piece but lest just say it was almost like we wanted to see how we can accomplish this using what we got at a house and just buying lights. If I do get to be significantly more ambitious, we can always hire an expert at green screen and definitely use that place.

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