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Ben Edwards July 3rd, 2014 09:14 AM

GH3 (Custom) Profile settings
Been reading up on what settings to use for the GH3. I want images that have the maximum potential when graded but don't have any noise reduction software.

It seems that using the Neutral profile and dialing everything down by -3 to -5 seems to be the consensus. People often dial contrast down to -5 and leave saturation and sharpness to -3.

I have however never seen a discussion of what the various settings do (beyond a basic description) and what 0 actually means. Does contrast -5 keep the maximum amount of detail or are there any drawbacks of going to -5? Does NR -5 mean no noise reduction (I assume so). With a saturation of -5 do you loose color information, Is it not better to have slightly too much saturation and reduce it rather than loose color information.

The different profiles seem to have different starting points (all custom settings are 0 for all profiles). Is it that vivid actually has saturation set to a high level to start with and adding satiation means you can get more than +5?

Lastly is it best to use different settings for normal and low light shooting? Should NR be set to -5 for shooting at low ISO?

Kind of surprised I cant find a detailed discussion of this?


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