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Frank Licata August 12th, 2007 06:01 PM

Brevis or redrock M2 for the HVX commercial shoot.
I have 2 commercial shoots coming up in about 2 months. I am torn between the redrock and brevis. They both get sharp images, but I heard that the redrock can be a pain to set up and focus edge to edge. While they say the brevis is very simple. I'll have the time to mess around with the redrock before the shoots and even during ill have time to set it up. Also how about lighting I heard the brevis does better in low light. But then again ill have lighting at my disposal. Sorry for the long post but I'm getting frustrated. One of the commercials will be shoot out side (sunny day). While the other will be shot in a dark basement.

thanks in advance
PS ill be using Nikon lenses

David W. Jones August 12th, 2007 07:32 PM

That gives you something that most of us don't have... Two months to get ready for your shoot.

Good Luck!

Leonard Levy August 12th, 2007 07:57 PM

I have a Redrock that is perfectly set up for an HVX for sale. It is ready to go. I'm about to put it on the market.
$1000 + shipping

Redrock M2 HD Nikon Bundle with all accessories for HVX200.
• M2 Cinema Lens Adapter - (current version aprox 1 year old)
• Special M2 HD Achromatic lens
• Nikon SLR lens mount
• 15mm Rod Support System with quick release and 18" rails
• M2 Shim kit (neccessary for the HVX200)
• 82 > 72 step down ring (neccessary for the HVX200)
• Adapter rings for hard or semi - hard mount option
• Redrock carrying case

Retail value $1460

This system has been meticulously centered and adjusted for optimum focus with an HVX200. You will save yourself days of work setting up this system and the "semi hard" mount is easy and reliable to set up in production situations.

By semi-hard mount - we found that to achieve the optimum distance from the 35mm screen a combination of filter rings mounted on the Redrock worked perfectly when the male threads of one ring "snugged up" into the female threads of the 82- 72 adpter ring. This was as reliable a system as the hard mount, but faster and easier to set-up, with what we found to be a better distance from the camera to the 35mm focusing screen for optimizing corner to center focusing.

We have 2 adapters so we're selling off one.

Some Nikon Lenses are also available

Nearly a complete set of fast Nikon lenses 50, 85, 105 and* 135 is also available but not priced yet. Ask us if interested.

- Lenny Levy

Leonard Levy August 12th, 2007 09:59 PM

Sorry that should be $1000, not $1100.

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