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Spike Spiegel January 3rd, 2009 06:07 PM

Image output difference between HPX500 and HPX 170
So I recently got both cameras, and was trying to dial down the look so that both cameras are outputting a similar image. On the absolute same settings, there is quite a bit of color difference from both cameras.

All the video was viewed on a calibrated Panasonic BT LH2600W via HD-SDI.

You would think that since both cameras are from panasonic utilizing similar settings, the output (color-wise) would be the same! Its taking a good bit of tinkering to dial down the same look and even still, its not perfect. The HPX500 requires a bit of chroma phase upping to remove the yellow tint.

Anyone else finding this to be the same?

Robert Lane January 3rd, 2009 06:37 PM

I'm confused as to why you'd expect similar output? You're talking about two completely different form factors and chipset sizes.

You can't use "same" settings between the two cameras because there's no such thing, they have different menus, setups and capture and output qualities. A menu setting of "+2" on both cameras will have drastically different results. A fixed-lens camera isn't going to have the same setup options as a removable one, not to mention the different chipset sizes alone will look drastically different.

Think of it this way: The Canon G10 is a pocket camera and the 50D is an SLR, both have roughly 15MP. If you put the G10 lens at the equivalent of 50mm and then put a 50mm lens on the 50D do you expect the resulting image to look the same?

In essence that's what you've got here, only in video fashion. You can play with setups and get the color output to be roughly the same but they'll never exactly-match each other either in color output or physical image perspective. They are however, the perfect pairing for A-B work.

Spike Spiegel January 3rd, 2009 07:41 PM

good explanation Robert. I always knew that the dynamic range between the cameras would be drastically different, the chip sizes being different, etc. But I didn't expect the colors to be so far off from each other. And granted, as you said, after changing the settings around, we are coming close to where they are suitable to A-B work.

Thanks for the info.

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