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Robb Swiatek May 4th, 2010 01:55 PM

Pelican or HPRC case for HVX?
So I'm about to order up a case for my HVX, batteries, mics, etc and will be flying a lot with the equipment so I want either a Pelican or HPRC case that's big enough to house most or all of my stuff (minus the tripod) yet small enough to be a carry-on.

So for those of you who travel with your HVX as a carry-on and have either of these cases, which do you prefer and what are the dimensions of your cases?


Dan Brockett May 4th, 2010 07:31 PM

As someone who has flown at least 20 times with my HVX200 and another few dozen times all over the world with a 170, I feel that a hard shell case would be a bad decision for carry on. Here is why.

1. Many cases large enough to carry the HVX200 and accessories will be too large for overhead bins, especially on smaller planes. Typically, a case containing the camera will fit in the bin in such a way that nothing else will be able to fit on top of it or below it anyway so I don't have concerns about the camera being harmed in a semi-rigid case.

2. How do you plan on carrying the case when you depart and arrive, just by the handle? What about those airports and transfers where you have to hike miles between terminals? You will curse having a hard case that must be carried like a suitcase. Too heavy, too bulky. I would only worry about a hard shell case if you are checking your camera and I would never check a camera, I would only ship it FedEx or UPS with insurance.

3. You will be able to fit more gear and will still have pretty good protection with a camera backpack. I use the CineBags CB-25, I love it. Oh yeah, with P2, don't you need to bring your laptop and some drives too? Where are you going to lug those? Another case, a computer case? One more case will be difficult on European and other foreign flights where you are only allowed one carry on.

In short, I think you are making a big mistake if you plan of flying much and you buy a hard shell case. My backpack carries the HPX170, seven P2 cards, six batteries, 15" MBP laptop, two 500 GB hard drives, wide angle Schneider Optics .06 lens, chargers for camera, cell phone, still camera, rain jacket, snacks, wireless mics, wired mics, headphones, cables, SD cards, I could go on. I can cram a LOT of stuff into the backpack, it rides on my back, which eases the pain of carrying a heavy case with my arm through huge airport terminals. I can even fit sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, cell phone, magazines, tickets, passport, everything in my backpack where I can keep track of it.

I have never had a problem, mishap, scratch, or anything broken in the backpack. Hard cases offer better protection but carry far less, will be a pain to fit in many overheads and a pain to carry through terminals.


Robb Swiatek May 4th, 2010 09:58 PM

Not exactly the answer I was looking for but I appreciate your input.

I am still set on a hard case for the simple reason that I want/need the best protection for the equipment on site as well as in transit. The job that I need this for is something I've already been doing for two years though the first year is the only one where I had to bring my own camera (which wasn't the HVX) and I had a hard case for that which fit perfectly in the overheads while my laptop traveled in my backpack. And I've hiked all over Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Detroit, LAX, and Denver among others so I know what it's like lugging equipment around which is why I'd like a case with wheels if at all possible.

But again I'm really just looking for dimensions from folks. Pelican has their "carry-on" case though I want to make sure they fit in the overhead.

Khoi Pham May 4th, 2010 10:06 PM

Carry on then it is much easier to use a bag, but I have a Pelican case for about 17 years now and that sucker is still in good shape, that Pelican case just last, but fyi, if the plane crash at sea, that case is seal and water proof and float, at least your camera will be safe. (-:

TingSern Wong May 5th, 2010 09:36 AM

I bring my HPX172 (PAL version) into Nepal Himalaya 3 times already. Using a Kata backpack for video camera - can't recall the model now. No problem. P2 cards - I can't edit on the spot - no laptop battery works for 5 minutes or more at -20 deg C. So - I just record the video (and play it back on the camera just to check) - then bring it back home to edit on my workstation. I have 4 E-P2 (64GB), and 4 A-P2 (16GB) + one 8GB P2. I only record at 720p - so that's plenty of space for footage.

I know that is not the answer you are looking for - but, I am just feedback to you.

I found hardcases very unwieldy - especially when you have to carry them into the cabin.

Tom Klein May 6th, 2010 02:13 AM

May i throw my hat in the ring with this topic, hard cases are good if your got lots of gear to lug about, and a big budget, but if you want to travel "Light n fast" and cost effective, soft bags are the way to go...
my sugesstion I use
Lowepro Magnum DV 6500 AW Video Camera Bag - Digital Camera Warehouse Australia
Backpack sloution would be ideal for what Dan and TingSern Wong are using for.

BUT, if your got your heart set on a Hard case, go for it....


Daniel Weber May 6th, 2010 02:45 PM

I'm with Dan Brockett. I just took a trip all over Nepal and Tanzania, then back through Kenya, Bangkok, Tokyo, Chicago and then Baltimore. I have the Cinebags CB-25 and it worked great. I have also flown with a hard case and it is more of a hassle than a backpack. I know that the OP is worried about protecting his gear, but the Cinebags will work great. The other thing is that if you get on the plane late and there is no more overhead space and you have the hard case. They WILL MAKE YOU CHECK IT. If you have the backpack and explain what is inside, they will be more forgiving and will find space for it. Believe me I have seen this done.

The backpack is the safer way to travel.

Just my .02, but I have flown more than 400,000 miles around the world hauling a camera the whole way so I might know what I am talking about. Take it for what it's worth...

Dan Brockett May 6th, 2010 05:28 PM

"The other thing is that if you get on the plane late and there is no more overhead space and you have the hard case. They WILL MAKE YOU CHECK IT. If you have the backpack and explain what is inside, they will be more forgiving and will find space for it. Believe me I have seen this done."

I did exactly this two weeks ago on a flight from Dallas to Springfield. Small plane, no way that I could fit the backpack into the overhead. I asked the flight attendant and she stashed it in the small closet near the cockpit where the crew had hung their jackets. Did the same thing on the reverse flight back. Just be nice and look forlorn and usually the attendants will take care of it for you.


Daniel Weber May 6th, 2010 06:54 PM

Last week on my flight from Kilamanjaro to Nairobi I was on a small TR2 twin prop plane. The overhead would about hold a briefcase and that's it. The flight attendants moved me to where there were two empty seats and let me strap my backpack in as if it was a passenger. The hard case they would have taken and placed below the plane. I never let my camera out of my sight.

Backpack is the better option....

Panagiotis Raris June 8th, 2010 01:16 PM

i fly a lot, and i usually am carrying an HD cam, 35mm adapter, two still SLR bodies, and at least 5-7 lenses as well as a netbook. i have a lowepro something or other, i think a computrekker, everything fits but barely, if not i clip a smaller camera bag with the lenses and misc stuff.. any time ive taken the pelican they usually want me to check it; never had a problem with the backpack; plus its easier to carry on location and more inconspicuous.

Carl Gerhardt February 16th, 2014 11:39 AM

Re: Pelican or HPRC case for HVX?
The cinebag 25B sounds great. Does anyone know if it would hold a Sony ex3 and a Sony FS700? I used a now discontinued "large" Vidpro leather bag with a wide shoulder strap until the zipper failed - maybe why they are no longer offered at BH Photo. But this bag held those two camcorders plus two zooms (100-400 mm Canon and 80-400 mm Nikkor, one in a pouch in the front of the bag). The EX3 has that non-detactable viewfinder assembly that doesn't fit in my LowePro backpack (originally used for Canon XL-H1), but it worked in the Vidpro, with the FS-700 tucked under the EX3 viewfinder tube. This bag fit in nearly all overheads, even on small planes. SO, if the cinebag could accommodate this gear, I am sold!

Thanks in advance for your advice,

John Nantz February 16th, 2014 12:33 PM

Re: Pelican or HPRC case for HVX?
Robb - here is another vote for leaving the Pelican at home. I've got a Pelican that I keep the camera, JuicedLink pre, mics, and a few other delicate items in but when going via air I leave it at home. The weight limits and baggage restrictions are making it really difficult to juggle weight and volume on a trip, plus there is the handling of everything when you're under way.

My solution is, like my wife, is to have a "purse". Yes, men are allowed one. A big one. Mine is similar to this one Checkpoint-Friendly Laptop Bags - TSA Airport Security Friendly Laptop Bags but mine is probably a discontinued model. Okay, so here's the deal:

Bubble wrap is your friend!

The computer, camera, and I take two mics, go in this baby. Wrap everything that is delicate in bubble wrap. I've made up little "cases" using the bubble wrap and packing tape so they can be easily reused. The "purse" goes where I go. Dimensionally it can be fit under the seat.

With the checked suitcase, the monopod goes in it, just unscrew the head and it fits in diagonally.

Bubble wrap doesn't weigh anything and it is really easy on the gear. For a few bucks you can buy a large quantity of it.

Others have mentioned working with the flight attendants when normal luggage space is filled up. I've only had this happen twice over the years but they have always been accommodative.

Ja, und ich can ein bießel Deutsch sprechen auch.

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