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Jeff Dean July 19th, 2012 07:44 AM

hpx300 and Anton bauer battery run time?
Anton Bauer Logic Series Hytron 100 14.4v Digital Nickel Metal Hydride Battery
Anton Bauer Logic Series Digital ProPac14 14.4v Nickel Cadmium Battery

Does anyone have experience with these batteries - wondering how long of a run time they have when shooting.

Any battery suggestions for longer run time in the Anton Bauer series? Thanks.

Don Bloom July 19th, 2012 11:19 AM

Re: hpx300 and Anton bauer battery run time?
The Hytron 100 has 100Watts of power, the Digital ProPak14 has 60 (IIRC). If the camera is pulling say 20Watts then the Hytron would last 5 hours and the ProPak about 3 hours. This is of course approximate and provided you aren't running anything else off the battery like a light, seperate recorder of some type or wireless receiver. Also as the batteries age they tend to lose a bit. This is over a long period of time and very slowly if you take care of them. That's one reason I always used an Intellicharger for my AB batteries. It would condition the batteries while charging them.
The biggest disadvantage to the Hytron 100s (I had 3 of them) is the weight. 5.5 pounds each. Take a 14 or 15 pound camera throw the battery on it and pretty soon it gets really heavy. Really fast! I got rid of the Hytrons and got 4 Dionic90s (90watts each) at under 2 pounds a piece! I carried 4 of them in my bag and was so far less in weight I felt like a kid again. There's only about a $10.00 difference between the Hytron100 and the Dionic90. Worth the extra $10.00. Plus the Dionics are Li-On and the Hytrons and ProPaks are NiMH.

Jeff Dean July 20th, 2012 07:17 AM

Re: hpx300 and Anton bauer battery run time?
Thanks Don. Very Helpful.


Daniel Epstein July 21st, 2012 08:23 AM

Re: hpx300 and Anton bauer battery run time?
Hytron 140 is the current NIMH champ. There is a Dionic 160 which is Lithium based. The Hytron 100 doesn't make much sense to me as the Physical size is the same as the 140 and the extra 40 Watt Hours is very useful.

Konstantin Kovalev July 24th, 2012 07:34 AM

Re: hpx300 and Anton bauer battery run time?
Dionic 160 can't be taken on some flights, unfortunately, since there's a limit to the amount of lithium content a passenger can take on-board.

A couple of trade-offs are that Lithium has a shorter life-span (up to 500 charges/discharges), Nickel can reliably handle double that amount. On the other hand, Nickel is subject to "memory effect" and needs to be fully discharged before recharging, while Lithium can be safely charged up from any current charge level.

In any case, even one D90 is enough for a few hours of shooting on a 3xx series camera, they have incredibly low power draw if you limit your load to just camera power. Add accessories, and you'll probably need 2~3 of them for a day of shooting, 4 if you have a monitor.

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