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Mike Medavoy December 9th, 2005 09:17 PM

Price change - not fair...
A few days ago Panasonic was offering the camera + 2 4Gb P2 cards for a discount (you saved money buying the package).

Now, they raised the price back.


I think it's a shame, Panasonic did something very unfair to the customers. After having them wait so long anyway...

Steve Madsen December 9th, 2005 09:26 PM

Rush from EVS sorted this on DVXuser...


"Hey y'all, everything is going to be fine.

Panny released the pricing to us just earlier today. I have been busily churning the data (it's a lot) to figure the DVXuser prices, while answering everyone's emails, but the prices will not be ready until next week.

However, I have good news. The HVXSTARTER pack (MSRP $7295) with 2 4GB cards will not cost $7295, or even $6995, but more like $6599 or less (as I was telling everyone at DVexpo). So if someone budgeted $7000 for a package with 2 4GB cards, no problem. Even after shipping/insurance, filter, and a bag, you're still under.

The HVX200FX (MSRP $6645) with 1 4GB card is under $5995. So you can still get the bare minimum, for under the camera's list price.

Our pricing didn't change, regardless of list pricing on the site, it's the exact same discount they were going to give us before. I called my rep and she confirmed it was a typo on the site. Not taking anybody's side, but just letting everyone that I did call Panny, and they said it really was a typo, and our old pricing for the camera is the same as it was, but the 4GB cards were cut almost in half. List price on our last bulletin was almost double what it is now (MSRP $1200, now $650)."

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