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Scott Auerbach April 4th, 2006 10:33 AM

Varizoom + Bluetooth = great idea...?
Here's a question for our friends at Varizoom or other aftermarket niche machinists... Is there any reason why a Varizoom-type remote control couldn't be delivered via Bluetooth rather than a hard cable? It'd sure make Steadicam work easier....

Peter Jefferson April 4th, 2006 04:19 PM

thru WiFi i think would be faster and more reliable, but through bluetoth, for crane work, wouldnt cut it, the amount of RF noise passing through a studio lot would interfere.
BT is good for up to 10 metres for a good strong signal, but any further than that, then youll be running into problems.. on top of that, costs for camera accessories are ridiculously high as it is, let alone addings somethgn liek this to it...

For steadicam, i can see where your coming from but for crane work or remote work it just wont cut it IMO

What WOULD be feasable though would be an analogue controller with an Infrared booster. Obviously youre restricted to IR line of sight, but boost the IR signal and run a firmware patch for the cameras to recieve the IR signals as analogeous as opposed to "on/off" digital and you can get the same results wirelessly. For remote camera operations THIS would work far further than 10metres (i already use the standard IR remote for camera locked on scaffolds and balconies and i can definately get further than 10 metres with the standard IR. I mean doing that with BT could work, but theres no point if u cant go further than 10 metres..

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