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Reinhold Ellenberger April 6th, 2006 12:48 PM

HVX200E, first mixed impressions
My 2 cents, so far...

I bought the HVX200E with a 4GB Card, promotion pack on the way. I watched the video on an new 19" Eizo with the P2 Pana pictureviewer. At the moment I'm only behind a modem, so no upload possible. The following considerations are based on AUTO settings in general, if not, the setting is specified. No PP experience so far, whatsoever.


a) If you fiddle a bit AND the sun is right or some lightning, the picture truly rocks.

I shot in clear spring air sunshine my brother working on a chair in full sunlight, auto setting 720/50p, max ND on, fully zoomed, iris wide open, with the result of hyperreal pictures with very impressive dof. Actually my brother didn't like it, cause hd introduces a new level of (self)picturing: you see every pimple and fold!!! I see this hyperreal picturing becoming a fetish as such. Though very nice skin tones.

b) The leica lens is wide, with 16/9 it's a major step up compared to the dv cams before. Great for shooting city- and landscapes.

c) Shot in bright sunshine again some spring flowers, gently swinging in the wind. Again with the dof trick. The background colors of a brick wall came out like pastel, and the flowers were swinging beautiful, BUT in and out off FOCUS.


a) Focus is a real issue, autofocus in 25p is way to slow for autofocus zooming. or run and gun, if at all, i see it feasible only in 720/50p and DVCPRO 50/50i.

b) Pictures in 1080/25p and 1080/50i did not convince me. I would shoot 1080/25p for static shots, like landscapes, only, I saw tiny noise in spring farmfield textures, already in the magic hour light.

c) Low light performance is poor. But why?
I really dont understand what Tore Nordahl is concluding and whats coming out of the HVX (http://www.nordahhl.; tv or coax.tv) Have a look, you must register and you get a password to download a pdf file. His comparison of the major HD-prosumer camcorders is, beside the 4 cam shootout with Barry, Shannon and Adam..., the profoundest article i found so far. Although its clear to me, that the resolution wise poor pixel count (i.e compare XL-H1 to HVX 3to 1 pixel, so more light for the HVX) should work for a better S/N ratio in the HVX, it isn't the case.
Does the auto modus worsen the theoretical expected better low light performance? Are there any hidden parameters to dial in? I am puzzled. Is this a theory / practice gap?

d) Lens is good, but shows barrel distortion, Shot a neon light lit full screen kitchen wall. Heavy barrel distortion.

e) Plastic feel of the strap/tape right hand side. Just where you would need a rock solid handling, it doesnt offer the solid feeling, especially if you feel the weight. Though i think one can get used to it.

d) Connected a stereo mic (RSM 191)and controlled sound with a HD25. There was a noticable self noise level of the audio system in low noise environment. (-50DB and -60DB aint enough) Barry Braverman was right in his review on videosystem.com
Anybody has a solution for this, cause i love the uncompressed offer and the 4 channels.

e) Zoom noise is high and operational noise too. I am wondering.

Well, I guess its not a cam for run and gun, but for controlled settings. At the moment I think I went the wrong way. Anyone can help to improve my first mixed feelings towards the HVX200E? Will a run and gun'er in the end be able to love the HVX200?

Beside documentary work, I choose the HVX200, cause i want to mount and shot on and off a bike, like Kaku Ito does it. What manual settings will/can one improve the low light performance? Does PP and workflow in the end will make the difference?

Thanks for any hint and help!

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