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Doug Spice December 18th, 2006 08:47 PM

DVCPRO50, FCP 5.1.2 import problems!
THE FOOTAGE: shot to P2. SD, DVCPRO50, squeeze mode, 24pa.

I copy the footage first of all to the hard drive. Then I go through Import->Panasonic P2 in FCP and find it. I go into settings and "Remove Advanced Pulldown" is checked. Okay. I log and name some footage. I click Add to Queue and watch it go wheeeeeeee!

Now. I open the footage in FCP and discover duplicate frames! I discover that it is 29.97! I discover the occasional extremely evident interlacing! I become concerned.

I open the same footage in Quicktime and confirm the same problems. What to do?

I open the same footage in After Effects and, when I try to automatically Guess 24pa Pulldown, it gives me a suggestion! However, it ALSO gives me a suggestion if I ask it to Guess 3:2 Pulldown. Okay, so maybe it's possible this footage was shot 24p, and not 24pa (although I really don't think so. Is there a surefire way to tell?)

Even if that WERE true, I shouldn't be seeing this horrible interlacing, should I? And why can AE deduce that maybe there are frames to be removed, but FCP can't? Note that there is zero difference between the footage I get from FCP's P2 importer if "Remove Advanced Pulldown" is checked or if it isn't.

90% of the time I feel like I really understand this camera and this workflow. The other 10%, though, I'm just absolutely drowning.

Mike Schrengohst December 18th, 2006 09:33 PM

Try opening a clip in Cinema Tools and do a reverse tele-cine....
Just one to see what is going on....
Then take that into a 24p project...
If you do have 5.1.2 I don't know why the advanced pull-down removal is not
working on import...
I know with 1080 24pA footage it works....

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