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Luiz Roberto Meira April 9th, 2007 11:40 PM

Buying my HVX200 + acessories at NAB 2007
Dear Friends.

After 6 months of researching I finally decided to go with HVX200. (I was also considering a hd200).

Fortunatelly I raised the funds enough for going to NAB next week. But I was wondering if I can buy my HVX200 at NAB? I will buy Two units, actually.

Do you think I will find some good prices, or special offers within NAB or I will have to find some seller in Las Vegas City?
Could you suggest some sellers over there?

Another issue is that I will buy acessories, as well. Which do you think is basic for a perfect workflow to FCP (I have a Powerbook 13 Core 2 Duo, 2Gb RAM, 120 HDD):

- P2 cards + Store or FS100?
- Spare P2 (8GB?), How many?
- External HDD (maybe 250 GB)?
- Batteries (lithium-Ion)? Chargers?
- Marshall Monitor? Is there another cheaper?
- Matte Box (Chrosziel)? Other? Which Filters?
- Camera Stabilizer (Varizom or Manfroto)? Which is the best (also cheap) Model for HVX?
- Could I use instead a FIG RING? Which model?
- Tripod, Dolly, Crane (seriouslly!)? Which Models?
- Did I forget something?

I know that these are several questions, but I just changed my mind about the camera model, last week, so all my former research was wasted. I will have only 6 days to decide the new list till NAB!

I came from stage plays background (Writer, Director and Producer) now starting my first video production.

But I fortunatelly raised a small fund for producing a local TV Drama Series
(9 episodes). We (I am my team) have interest in multicamera + hand-camera techniques. But I am sure that we will have to use some dolly, crane, as well.

So if some of you guys, was kindly enough, to provide your personal set ups, whith models (maybe prices, as well) be sure that you will make a Indie Brazilian Newbie Happy!

Best Wishes

Luiz Roberto Meira
Brazilian Producer

* Sorry about some possible language mistakes!

Zack Birlew April 10th, 2007 08:27 AM

Well, I can tell you one thing right now, you can get some of your stuff at NAB. However, the discounts vary depending on what the product is. B&H Photo and Samy's Camera both have booths that you can go to in the central and south halls. They are small booths though, so they won't have everything. =)

Robert Lane April 10th, 2007 08:41 AM

Use the Sponsors
As Chris would say, it's preferrable to recommend the sponsors of this forum for purchase options whom most of if not all will be represented at NAB.

Barry Green April 10th, 2007 11:23 AM

... and there aren't really any professional video dealers in Las Vegas anyway.

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